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Meet Brad Feld

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Venture Capitalist Interview

“I’m happy to put time in because I enjoy doing it. If I didn’t enjoy doing it I wouldn’t.”

Brad Feld lives in Boulder, runs marathons, loves to read and works as Managing Director at the Foundry Group, a venture capital firm focused on investing in early-stage information technology companies. They‘ve popularized “thematic Investing” and have a remarkable portfolio. I have been publishing Brad since June 2016 — learning a ton from his writing — and it was great to finally meet him in person after lunch at #Connect17. He sounds like the person you read. I think the whole conversation is worth sharing, so I transcribed it, cleaned it up just a bit, and divided it chronologically by subject matter below.

Special thanks to the Full Contact #Connect17 team. They threw their first conference last week, helping make this interview happen. Some of the speakers’ stories are still resonating with me: how SumAll CEO Dane Atkinson correlated limes to revenue and figured out which bartender was stealing from his bar, what Social Media Energy’s CVO Luke Wyckoff learned about social media engagement by surviving a heart attack on Southwest Airlines, and when Black Swan Group CEO Chris Voss explained his approach to business relationships over time: “your second most important impression is your first impression; your most important impression is your last.”


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