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The Venture Capitalist at His Investment’s First Conference

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Foundry’s Brad Feld #Connect17 Interview (4/8)

What’s it like for Brad Feld to see his investments maturing to this stage?

David Smooke: Whenever you come to an event like this … So you’re an investor in the company, is it like going to a kid’s graduation?

Brad Feld: Not agraduation, but it is emotionally rewarding.

David Smooke: Yeah?

Brad Feld: Yeah.

David Smooke: Progress Report?

Brad Feld: It’s like going to a PTA meeting. The thing that’s so awesome is, being at something like this with FullContact where their now 250 employees, and you’re having your first annual customer conference or user conference, or Connect, whatever they’re in.

David Smooke: Yeah.

Brad Feld: I don’t even know how they’re framing it. But you’re having your first conference, with another 300 people who are interested in what you’re doing. I remember when they were a small number of people in our tiny room with a very big idea. That’s just pretty awesome.

David Smooke: Yeah.

Brad Feld: It feels great.

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