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The Venture Capitalist’s Writing Process

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Foundry’s Brad Feld #Connect17 Interview (3/8)

Brad Feld writes nearly everyday, but why?

David Smooke: I do have thousands of half stories. There’s so many drafts, I don’t know how you go about-

Brad Feld: I don’t.

David Smooke: Managing all your drafts.

Brad Feld: I don’t draft.

David Smooke: You don’t draft?

Brad Feld: I just sit down and write, I have no drafts. I literally just sit down and write.

David Smooke: Then you publish.

Brad Feld: Then I hit publish, and if it’s shitty, the next day it’s not there anymore.

David Smooke: How do you block off time? Do you just write whatever you want to write? Or do say you say, “Nine to ten I’m writing, and at ten I hit publish.”

Brad Feld: For blogs, I generally write in part of my early morning routine. If I haven’t written a blog post by the time I leave my house in the morning, a blog post is not gonna get written that day. When I’m working on book, I tend to block out two to four hour chunks. Three to five days a week for a long period of time. They’re again, first thing in the morning. So, I’ll change my morning routine. Instead of getting up and checking email, and writing a blog post and whatever. I get up, and I don’t do any of that. I immediately just start working on my book.

David Smooke: Yeah.

Brad Feld: For whatever period of time I’ve decided I have blocked out for that. Now I find that I can be effective with an hour, and the max amount time I can write in one sitting is four hours.

David Smooke: Yeah, that’s tough. You think in another life, you coulda been a novelist?

Brad Feld: I do have fantasies every now an then about writing a novel. I’ve watched a few friends of mine become good novelists, like William Hertling. I’ve known them from their very first novel. It’s real work to get to be good at this.

David Smooke: Yeah it is.

Brad Feld: It’s not you write that first novel, and it’s awesome. It’s a lot of practice. Really, your fourth or fifth novel is probably really your first great novel. That’s not true for all writers. There are some amazing first novels.

David Smooke: Yeah.

Brad Feld: But, it’s a different skill than writing nonfiction, and I don’t think they … I think the discipline of writing maps, but I don’t think the skill maps.

David Smooke: Yeah, that’s a good answer.

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