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Get Ahead in Tech… By Reading on Sundays

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“We live in the kind of society where, in almost all cases, hard work is rewarded.” — Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson

Dear Beautiful Hacker Noon Reader,

It’s Sunday at noon, and I’d like to remind you, reading is hard work.

It takes a conscious effort to prioritize learning. It’s one less TV show, or maybe, one less Netflix series. Text makes the brain work. It’s about moving from passive to active. It’s prioritizing the patience to empathize with another’s perspective. Curiosity drives the active reader.

Your discipline will be rewarded with mindset.

Your problems will be rewarded with solutions.

Your curiosity will be rewarded with story.

Reading is an investment in you. An expertise on subject matter. A library of problems solved, or unsolved problems explored. When you make your own priorities on this day of rest, chose actively.


Much thanks to data expert Tomislav Gelo for the ESP editorial line twitter shout out!


And we’re onto to 8 tech stories that will make you think (and just maybe, act too):

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Who’s to Blame? (v0.1) by ThoughtWorks Software Engineer Christine Rohacz

“A few weeks ago, I took down production. I ran a script that was meant to converge our sandbox environments and I accidentally converged our production environment. Production went down and stopped serving all customers for the time being. And at the moment, the client I was consulting for was monitoring the production traffic of our platform and noticed the outage, then reached out to my team and said “Hey, whats happening?” Read More Stories in Software Development.

Follow the Clues and Win $20,000 in Bitcoin Investment for your Non-VC Startup Idea by Zenentrepreneur Riz Virk

“I’m offering this new contest for those with ideas that are non-traditional for VC’s — this could be a film project, a retail venture, a services company, an app for a niche market, or something completely out there — a prototype for an electro-gravitics-based spaceship, a bitcoin mining service — you name it! I’m offering one lucky winner an investment of $20,000 in Bitcoin (or Cash) to pursue their idea.” Read More Stories in Venture Capital.

Quick and dirty tricks for debugging Javascript 🕵 by Pragmatic Perfectionist Chang Wang

“In an ideal world, every piece of code would have multiple tests, any regressions immediately pin-pointed to a specific commit, and all commits would be of a reasonable size with a sensible message. I don’t live there (which may partially be my own fault), and you probably don’t either….” Read More Stories in Javascript.

Transitioning from the Legacy Financial World to the Crypto Financial World by Blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneur Chad Arroyo

“I do not expect most people to be getting paid their wages in Bitcoin any time soon. But accept that some people are currently getting paid in digital assets, and more and more crypto will become part of our lives. The question then ensues, “What will the balance of power look like in the short run? and more importantly, in the long run?” Read More Stories in Cryptocurrencies.

How awesome engineers ask for help by Asana Software Engineer Greg Sabo

“You stare, silently, and the sides of the screens swing towards you, imperceptibly, by an inch. A coffee ring appears on your notebook. You stay silent. Then, you reboot again. Maybe this time, the error won’t happen. Asking for help is hard, and procrastination protects us from it. That’s why mastering the skill of asking for help. It’s key to achieving high productivity as an engineer.” Read More Stories in Software Development.

Rick and Morty and the Meaning of Life by author, engineer and serial entrepreneur Daniel Jeffries

“At the root of everything is a black hole of nothingness. Eventually you won’t exist and despite millions of years of comforting beliefs there’s probably nothing after the grave, meaning we’re just gone as if we never existed. We have as much substance as dream dust. Beyond that nothingness, consciousness is the only thing that actually exists.” Read More TV & Film Commentary in our sister publication, Movie Time Guru.

Why the Oculus Go Matters by Spatial Computing and Systems maker Alfredo

“The Oculus Go was unveiled at the Oculus Connect 4. Plans for a cheap headset were stated before and it wasn’t a big deal. The Oculus Go wants to be a Gear VR without a smartphone.” Read More Stories in Virtual Reality.

And from our sister publication, ART + marketing: I Took The Leap, Built A Company, And Learned Why So Many Startups Fail by Digital Press Founder Nicolas Cole

🕛 Until we meet again, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

Kind Regards,

David Smooke, AMI

P.S. Read more in latest, trending, and the archive. And remember, Reggie Miller is One Cool Cat Who Loves to Read.

P.P.S. If you’re sick of reading on the screen, you can also be like Morad Stern and print out your favorite read (13 ways to turn your career into an f-ing rocket ship by Sean Johnson, Partner at Digital Intent & Founder Equity).


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