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Get Ahead in Tech… By Reading on Saturdays

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Dear Hacker Noon reader,

It’s easy to say, “prioritize work life balance” — when you already have a good life. It’s easy to say, “prioritize a good night’s sleep” — when you’ve already made enough money today. It’s easy to say, “prioritize diet and exercise” — when you have someone else cooking you a nutritious meal and a new Tesla parked in the garage, waiting for you to drive to the gym.

You know what’s not easy? Making something from nothing. Sometimes, you’re going to have to prioritize “it” over you — if you want to “it” to live long and prosper. That’s the startup life.

Here’s the top reading on 3 must read tech stories, and 14 trending posts in Software Development. It’s all a circle!

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3 Must Read Tech Stories

Dear Facebook, “Download My Archive” is Broken and That’s Not Okay by Ex-Googler Stephen Cognetta

Gamifying the Delivery of Money by author, engineer and serial entrepreneur Daniel Jeffries

How Amazon is winning the battle for the Home Operating System by Former #TU Director of Products at Telefonica Jorge Serna

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14 Trending Software Development Posts

A crash course on Serverless with Node.js by Bookvar Software Engineer Adnan Rahić

Awkward Moments in JavaScript by Asana Engineer Greg Sabo

Common Excuses Why Developers Don’t Test Their Software by Software Developer James Jeffery

Dealing with Data Migrations on Multi Tenant — Laravel by PHP Developer Marco Aurélio Deleu

Delete Your Code by Laravel/React Senior Developer Ruairidh Wynne-McHardy

Eloquent Relationships Cheat Sheet by Software Engineer Mahmoud Zalt

ES6 for beginners by Programmer Srebalaji Thirumalai

How we make npm packages work in the browser by Catawiki Developer Ives van Hoorne

Making audio searchable with Cloud Speech by Connoisseur of code, country music, and homemade ice cream Sara Robinson

Solving Mastermind with Go by Continental-ITS Backend Software Engineer Ludi Rehak

The Beauty of Go by Kanishk Dudeja

Up and Running with Universal Components by Tech Lead on the UI team for Major League Soccer kurtiskemple

Walk This (JavaScript) Way by Computer Science Professor Baptiste Pesquet

Why Isn’t Agile Working? by Zendesk Senior Product Manager John Cutler

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

Kind Regards,

David Smooke, AMI


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