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14 Must Read Tech Stories

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Heyo Hacker Noon readers! We’ve published 216 stories so far in September, and I curated this list of 14 under-appreciated stories. They cover the tech industry as a whole, trends in how to build great products, an essay on how technology’s exponential growth could impact our future, the state of venture investment, a case for scaling by hiring “business people,” and a couple people vouching for their cities as the location of Amazon’s new HQ.

About Tech’s Landscape 👨‍💻 👩‍💻

Inaudible Voice Commands Can Hack Siri, Google Now & Alexa by Author Febin John James

IoT: The Internet of (Every)thing? by DVT Corporate Engineering Lead Rebecca Franks

Mastodon and the W3C by the Mastodon Developer Eugen Rochko

The dawn of Mixed Reality (HoloLens Apps) by Software Engineer Francesco Pallotta

Coding Your Business

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The Art of Pull Requests by Viacom Android Crafter Danny Preussler

Thinking Beyond Projects by Zendesk Sr. Product Manager John Cutler

12 cool things you can do with GitHub by Web Developer David Gilbertson

From the Professor’s Desk 🎓

We Are Already Living in the Future by Tilburg University Professor of Business & Financial Law Erik P.M. Vermeulen

Investing in Other Businesses 📈 📈 📈

Fear and the Venture Capitalist by the Open Source Venture Capitalist Fred Destin

Five Things I Learned from Master Investor Chris Dixon by Author, Engineer and Serial Entrepreneur Daniel Jeffries

In defense of Juicero and other really dumb food startups by Nick Parker, who is busy making 3d printers not suck.

Scaling Your Business ⚖️

Your “Frontier Tech” Startup Should Hire Business People. Stat. by Founder Collective’s Parul Singh.

Where Will Amazon Build Their New HQ?? 🌴 🌴

An open letter to Jeff Bezos by Proud Bridgeporter & Nutmegger Rowan Kane

To Mr. Bezos: Please Consider Chattanooga by Pylon’s Mike Tatum

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

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David Smooke, AMI

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