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Four Sunday Tech Reads

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Dear Ambitious Hacker Noon Reader,

Tech never stops, and it may surpass our human interactions. I hope not. But when’s the last time someone looked at their phone while you were talking? Social bullsh*t. That’s not what we’re about. While technology may make technology that is not of our hands, we’re about the people who make quality technology. The makers. The innovators. The average Joes. Thank you for this time, and let us cheers to not having a generation of idiots!

4 Tech Stories to Read this Sunday:

My approach to using z-index by Web Developer David Gilbertson

“Sometimes you might want to use a third party library in your UI. For example, if you want a headache. You may chose a library that has nasty z-indexes (like 999, the devil’s z-index) and does not contain itself by creating a new stacking context. This means that the left/right arrows in your hot little jQuery carousel will sit on top of your full screen modals. I won’t name any names, because I’m a classy guy, but…” Read more Software Development stories.

Every company will use blockchain by 2027 by Godtoken CEO & Unmade Newsletter Editor Mohit Mamoria

“There are several mental models that you can use to think of blockchains. When it comes to identifying the potential of blockchains in business, I like to think of blockchain as a method to make strangers work together. Be it your employees, or your partners, or the supply chain, or anybody else, blockchains will soon penetrate your organization in more ways than one.” Read more Blockchain stories.

It’s Not a Feature Problem — Avoiding Startup Tarpits by Vonjour CEO Daniel Tawfik.

“We raised money to build a great product and when we ran out of money we had nothing to show for it; making it nearly impossible to raise additional money. Thankfully our product was stable. Our CTO architected an incredibly resilient and scalable product. We didn’t have to shut down the company altogether, we just had to keep product going on a nominal budget. A nominal budget meant no more features. There was a silver lining in killing our addiction to features. We started reinvesting revenue into marketing.” Read more Startup stories.

What most don’t see in TBH, an app sold for ~$100M and launched only 9 weeks ago by BetaLabs Founder Kevin Natanzon

“One of the key insights they were able to capture is what apps like Secret, Yik Yak and Sarahah couldn’t: while teens like to share and receive anonymous comments, those positive and uplifting are the dopamine-inducing ones.” Read more Mobile App stories.

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

Kind Regards,

David Smooke, @AMI


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