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Confessions of an ICO Insider

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Dear Hackers,

“Blockchain today is like 1993 internet — we’re still at the early stage of building protocols and middleware — albeit with 1999 bubble hype,” writes Simple Token Founder & CEO Jason Goldberg. “The current cycle is more compressed than the 1993–2000 dot-com cycle because blockchain technology is based on immediately recognizable economic value, whereas Internet companies were valued based on potential future profits and stock prices. The dot-com bubble was fueled by investor enthusiasm to get into those zero-to-one projects, much as the crytpo bubble is today.

Just like the long term potential and societal impact of the Internet was mostly speculative twenty years ago, the long term impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is elusive today — which further drives the mystery and excitement for it. 20 years ago we had no conceptualization of a Facebook or a WeChat or Amazon Web Services. Twenty years ago there was no Google, no Salesforce, no Twitter, no Snapchat. Today is ground zero for Blockchain.

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Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

Kind Regards,

David Smooke, @AMI


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