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Thousands of Trending Bitcoin and Blockchain Stories

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Dear Curious Reader, Analytic Investor, and Builder of Things,

A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain has been popularized by Bitcoin and is very disruptive to all centralized corporate and government structures. Bitcoin — widely accredited as the first decentralized digital currency — is a worldwide cryptocurrency with a current market cap of $122,982,474,240.

We publish A LOT about blockchain & bitcoin. Thousands of stories since summer. And now, we’re made it easier to find your next blockchain or bitcoin story. Click on the story destinations below:

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Rocketing ahead with SpaceX by Technical writer, philosopher, tinkerer, mad-scientist Chris Rogers


7 blockchain disruptors to watch by #digitaldiplomacy author Andreas Sandre


Automate Your Life with Airtable and Zapier by Senior Mobile Developer Wyatt McBain


Career-Ready by Turing School


How I built one of the most active startup communities of India by Entrepreneur Neeraj Joshi


Equity Token Finance by entrepreneur, investor, start-up coach, consultant David Siegel


How will crypto apps make money? by Writer, Fighter, & Hadron collider Nick Soman


The Build Order Every Startup Should Follow To Become Successful by Co-founder of startups ($10+ billion) & Angel investor (50+ co’s) Wayne Chang


The Reason AI Terrifies the World’s Greatest Minds and Why it’s Inevitable Machines Take Over by Cleeyk Founder Chris Herd


The Long Road to Passive Income Part 1: Getting to $100 in Monthly Revenue by Developer Turned Entrepreneur Cory Zue


Using a React 16 Portal to do something cool by <script>alert(‘tsk tsk’)</script> Web Developer David Gilbertson


What caused the latest $100 million Ethereum bug, and a tool for detecting similar bugs by Uncertified Software Security Professional Bernhard Mueller

💻💻 The Solution to Fake News: The AI Social Aggregation Platform The Internet Needs by Tech Entrepreneur Trent Lapinski


The Hidden Roadmap by PointNineCap Investor Rodrigo Martinez

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

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