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Hackernoon logoCan a 1 Person Company Be a “Legit” Media Company Today? by@David

Can a 1 Person Company Be a “Legit” Media Company Today?

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@DavidDavid Smooke

Founder & CEO of Hacker Noon

Caffeinated Mornings Presentation:

Boulder September 1st 2017. Register here.

Heyo, I will be presenting the AMI Origin Story this Friday (9/1) at 9 AM in Boulder’s MadeLife Cafe, followed by a fireside chat and an audience Q&A.

This talk is a part of Jay Ferracane’s monthly series for creative professionals, Caffeinated Mornings. This free event is sponsored by Ello.

I will share the milestones, techniques, and day to day life that‘s created 14,000+ contributing writers, 400,000+ subscribers, and 10,000,000+ monthly minutes reading, as well as, the mistakes, difficulties and challenges that come with building a bootstrapped media company made up of one full-time employee.

Hope to meet you there :-)


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