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You’re Invited to Our Inaugural Hacker Noon Party

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@DavidDavid Smooke

Founder & CEO of Hacker Noon

Register for the Event on EventBrite, and meet the attendees on Facebook. This message is brought to you by Quantcast, Meraki Developers, & COVO. The Inaugural Hacker Noon Party starts at 6 on June 20th in San Francisco.

We found out this weekend that the queen watches the queen, as fans of recursion we love this.

Quantcast, the way to understand, reach and influence all of your customers, will help pick up the tab, and is excited to meet you there. To learn more about job opportunities at Quantcast, tweet their Head of Talent Strategy, @Lumen. He’s smarter than he looks, and he looks pretty smart. Grandma Queen Elizabeth is into it.

Cisco Meraki is giving away one million dollars worth of Meraki gear to help developers to use their APIs to automate networks, measure foot traffic, engage with their users via proximity marketing, and locate or track things with BLE and WiFi. Come meet Meraki’s Colin Lowenberg at the party or tweet him @colo. Cisco Meraki is the leader in cloud managed IT with over one million active networks.

The party will be hosted at COVO, San Francisco’s premier co-working venue. To learn more about their desks, offices, and event space call 415–886–6206.

You must register for the Event on EventBrite, and can meet the attendees on Facebook.

We’d like to give away more drinks, more swag, maybe even more jobs… Does your brand want to become a sponsor of the Hacker Noon party? Sponsor benefits include your VIP area at the event, adverts in our emails to 100,ooo+ tech people (that milestone is kinda the reason we’re throwing this party). Interested, please email [email protected], or Twitter DM Jay Zalowitz (@JayZalowitz) or me David Smooke (@davidsmooke).

If you’re not in SF and can’t party with us, no worries! We wanted to invite you anyways because we’re one community. We should be hosting more of these elsewhere in the world, so drop us a line and let us know where we should throw one next.

Trying something new, some of our friends are hiring. Heres our list for this month, with links to the listings on their name:

Capital One — Solve big data problems in the cloud while changing banking for good. Hiring all over the US and the UK.

Cockroach Labs — An open source, cloud-native SQL database for building global, scalable cloud services that survive disasters.

Quantcast — the way to understand, reach and influence all of your customers.

Want to get on the list of who’s hiring? Email [email protected]

Sorry if we disturbed your inbox! We want to say, thanks for reading Hacker Noon, & here are ten stories of positivity in tech:

10: A New Kind of Social Network: Emotional Intelligence by Mark Nadal.

Could there be social networks without the haters, trolls, and downvotes? And how would a tech product go about supporting only positivity? Dig in.

9: Give Back In A Big Way by Peter Schroeder 🚀

Learn from Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth.

8: Eight Amazing Sites With Best Free Stock Photos by Damir Mujic

Photos, photos, photos. Here are 8 places giving away a ton of them.

7: Seven Reasons to Give Employees More Equity by Ash Rust

People — not capital — build companies. Don’t short change your people.

6: How I tweaked pomodoro technique for better results in productivity by Febin John James

The pomodoro technique is to decide on a task, set a timer for 25–30 mins and work until it rings. In this case, it’s been modified for developers.

5: How tech is softening hearts by babulous

Technology can also play the role of providing needy recipients a direct path to willing donors.

4: Thirteen Simple Rules for Good Coding (from my fifteen years of experience) by Andrey Nikishaev

Nothing like experience to K.I.S.S.

3: Make A Fresh Start With These Powerful Habits by Faisal Hoque,

Change your outlook, change your results. Pretty much all of Faisal’s stories reading down this road.

2: The future is algorithms, not code by Intercom Developer Support Engineer Cathal Horan

This post is positive because of how it emphasizes the thought and function behind the code.

1: Stop Paying for SSL Certificates by Christopher Watson

We’ve all had our issues with SSL ;-) Here’s a post about getting yours for free.

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted,

David Smooke and Jay Zalowitz, Hacker Noon (of AMI)

P.S. Read more about Artificial Intelligence., APIs, Developer Bootcamp, Javascript, Learning AI if You Suck at Math, MVP Lessons, Product Management Life, The Countdown, Tech Careers, & Venture Capital.

P.P.S. If you want free tickets to the event just like our brand new Facebook page and message us your favorite Hacker Noon article (FYI here’s latest & trending stories). Then we’ll give you a free ticket code — while supplies last (I always wanted to use that phrase on a game show of some kind).

P.P.S. This message is brought to you by our event sponsors, Quantcast, Meraki Developers & COVO. Don’t forget to register for the Event on EventBrite, and meet the attendees on Facebook.


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