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Writer / Publisher Relations on Medium

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Foundry’s Brad Feld #Connect17 Interview (1/8)

A quick peak into the nuts and bolts of how we publish together

David Smooke: I wanted to thank you for contributing to Hacker Noon.

Brad Feld: Sure.

David Smooke: We’ve built a pretty good network, but definitely having people like you in there has attracted a lot more people.

Brad Feld: Yeah. It’s my pleasure. I’m of the mindset that anybody who wants to re-syndicate what I’ve written any time, that’s easy. I just wish Medium had a persistent default button.

David Smooke: Yeah.

Brad Feld: I would give you … I would white list you to resyndicate anything you wanted. You wouldn’t have to resyndicate everything. Only what you chose.

David Smooke: Yeah.

Brad Feld: I’d give you a white list.

David Smooke: Yeah, basically it makes me hit a button, and you hit a button.

Brad Feld: Right.

David Smooke: To do something we wanna have happen 100 times.

Brad Feld: Right.

David Smooke: They get two extra page views.

Brad Feld: Yeah.

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