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What Hackers Are Reading

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Last month was a strong one for Hacker Noon, averaging +58K daily visitors & totaling 2M+ pageviews. Our Alexa ranking also climbed into the global top 20K.

In case you missed what’s trending on Hacker Noon this month, here’s the 8 most read posts:

How It Feels To Learn Javascript in 2016 — Jose Aguinaga

If you prefer, this one can also be read in Russian, Portuguese or Chinese.

The Hive is the New Network — Arjun Sethi & Andy Artz.

This one may make you re-think how communities are built and function for the rest of your life.

Redux Step by Step: A Simple and Robust Workflow for Real Life Apps & Avoiding Accidental Complexity When Structuring Your App State — Tal Kol

“This is a great article bringing a lot of concepts together” — Ryan-Neal Mes… “Another great article” — Mark Erikson

Node.js v6 Transitions to LTS — [Official Node.js Foundation Announcement]

Learn more about this big news by sending these email templates to your boss to help you attend the Node.js Interactive Conference in Austin 11/29–12/2.

Machine Learning for Android Developers with the Mobile Vision API — Part 1 — Face Detection (& Part 2) — Moyinoluwa Adeyemi

She’s gonna’ be boss and she’s sharing how she’s building what’s making it happen.

What you don’t know about web development — David Gilbertson

“Whoa there. I definitely need to bookmark this article and remember these things.” — Roman “ROAL” Stejskal.

How To Accept Over-Engineering For What It Really Is — by Fagner Brack

“this story is interesting for me personally, as I tend to over complicate things for all the infrastructure or engineering things, e.g. try to create a replicated Kubernetes stack “just in case I will have to scale it later” — Yann K.

And here’s four under the radar posts that definitely deserve a read:

John McAfee on the FBI’s Treatment of Hilary Clinton Emails

We should obviously know what John McAfee thinks in this is-it-really-over election story. More election coverage, visit ExtraNewsfeed.

10 Questions to Ask Every Startup Founder — Yours Truly

These questions paint a good picture of where a startup is headed. Startups can answer these 10 questions here, and we’ll consider review for publishing.

7 Reasons Startup Funding Announcements Are Overrated, by joahspearman

Building a startup is about so much more than fundraising.

Overdosing on VC: Lessons from 71 IPOs — Founder Collective

But sometimes it’s fun to dissect super cool graphs. Great research.

And three questions to think about (and/or respond to):

Are you looking for the best programmers or the best purists? — Mike Post

Are Your Features Actually Improving Your Product? — David Cook

Does it Matter if Facebook is a Tech Company or a Media Company? — Andreas Sandre

And two where-technology-meets-life posts:

Fun Flash Cards — React Native App I built with my daughter — Avi Tzurel

The Human Beings Are Open Source Projects — Prosper Otemuyiwa

Plus a book to read:

Venture Deals — Third Edition, by Brad Feld

Hacker Noon stories have caught the attention of Chris Sacca, Docker, Practical Dev, Taylor Edmiston, Silicon Valley Bank, Andrew Chen, Alex Capo, Grand Central Publishing, Y Combinator,, Sebastian Lammel, Yehuda Katz, Hired, Bowery Capital, Hiten Shah, and many more people who have pushed the internet forward.

Kind Regards,

David Smooke, Hacker Noon

Top photo credit, North Beach Parrot.

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