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Time For Tech: 17 Trending Tech Stories

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Dear Hacker Noon Reader,

Time has always been a professional’s most valuable asset.

Unlike currency, you can’t accumulate more time.

You can buy other people’s time — but beyond expensive medical procedures like cryogenically freezing your body next to Walt Disney — you can’t buy time for yourself. But can a business buy time? Or create time? And if so, how do utility and profit follow?

If you do the hard work of operationalizing your infrastructure, your business can create time … or at least that’s where my head’s at after reading “Units of Time are the New Currency” by Social Capital Partner Arjun Sethi.

Here’s the 1,2,3:

Time structures our perception of who, what, where, and why.

There is no scene without a setting, and there is no place without a time.

Optimizing time starts with optimizing your own time.

“Without structure, your chances of enjoying a full and balanced lifestyle decrease dramatically and your motivation and mood suffer in respect,” writes the Thinker Andrian Iliopoulos in The Da Vinci Schedule.

In this time —as we near the end of 2017 — here are 17 trending tech stories resonating with me:

  1. What Bitcoin Really Is (and What It Isn’t) by Mark E. Jeftovic.
  2. How to help States — like California & their State Senator Scott Wiener— implement Net Neutrality.
  3. Could Machines Train Crows To Pick Up Every Cigarette Butt in Your City? by The Next Web
  4. What Went Wrong With Apple TV? by Quora
  5. Engineering Director Allan MacGregor’s 5 Tech Trends To Watch Our For In 2018: Blockchain, Conversational Interfaces, Artificial Intelligence, BaaS (Backend As A Service), and Augmented Reality.
  6. Is Scrum the Best Thing in the Whole Wide World? Product development nut John Cutler thinks so.
  7. How Successful Founders Will Raise Money in 2018 by Founder Lars Kamp
  8. The Great Cryptocurrency Frenzy has Just Began — What Does this Mean for 2018? by Entrepreneur Chris Herd
  9. Why NEO might be 2018’s strongest cryptocurrency by Blockchain Investor Noam Levenson
  10. 2018’s Software Engineering Talent Shortage — It’s quality, not just quantity by Platform Design Lead Justin Baker
  11. 10 Ways To Make Your Innovative, Game-Changing, Synergistic Website Stand Out In 2018 by Master Marketer & Top Writer Whitney Meers
  12. 12 Trends to Watch For at SXSW 2018 by SXSW Chief Program Officer Hugh Forrest

The line between currency and time is deviating from the industry our current giants grew up in. When cost of using money fees are reduced, new margins and new markets emerge. Coin and Crypto makes the case that “Amazon is the biggest threat to bitcoin right now” (13). Crypto boss Leah Stella Stephens thinks that “Time is Just Stored Energy” (14). The managing partner at SPiCE VC Carlos Domingo argues that there is a Bitcoin vs Visa Electricity Consumption Fallacy (“15”). Ultimately, might as well leave it to Futurist Daniel Jeffries to spell out What Will Bitcoin Look Like in Twenty Years? (16) Better to leave it in the hands of some smarter than me… in this case, it’s Engineer (& retired professional poker player) Haseeb Qureshi in “Why bitcoin is not trustless” (17):

Every currency — like every person, perspective and publication — has an interest. It’ll function with that interest in mind. With decentralized currency, maybe — just maybe — that rooting interest could be apolitical…

My interest is creating more time reading. Hacker Noon is at about 13 million minutes reading over the last 30 days. THANK YOU READER!!

Anyways, I’m overworked, understaffed and always looking for that next story. If you have it, email us. You can also email us if you’d just like to talk.

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

Kind Regards,

David Smooke, @AMI

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