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The Next Web + Hacker Noon Partnership

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The Next Web — colloquially named TNW — has been sharing, inventing and advancing tech developments since 2006. TNW started to bring insight, meaning — and every now and again, as they the lulz — to the world of technology. I’ve been reading them for years. Back when I was on the other side of startup land, I pitched them stories. TNW provides deep insights, breaking stories, and the willingness to cover the startup who wants to clear cities of cigarette butts using crows (yes, this bird meets machine learning startup was the first republished story of this partnership). The TNW + Hacker Noon partnership is:

Once per week, TNW will republish a trending Hacker Noon story, and Hacker Noon will republish a trending TNW story.

It’s exciting! The TNW stories we curate and publish can be found at

The first 12 republished stories of this partnership are the 12 tech stories I recommend reading this week.

The First 6 Hacker Noon stories republished on The Next Web:

“We’re excited to be exchanging some of our stories with Hacker Noon — because the more people read all the cool and interesting stories both our publications post, the better,” said TNW Editor-in-Chief Alejandro Tauber. “I believe media is not a zero-sum game, and that readers deserve to see the best, regardless of the platform — and this partnership is a perfect way to serve even more readers with even more great stories.”

The First 6 The Next Web stories published on Hacker Noon:

If you’re looking for more to read — you rule. Here are Hacker Noon’s top 10 ten stories in November, December and January (so far).

This builds on our recent republishing partnership with Quora. For our readers, it’s another step towards bringing tech’s best perspectives to Hacker Noon. For our contributing writers, it’s another step toward increasing the reach, resonance and influence of their stories. For me, it’s very exciting to work with another site that I used to be just another reader of.

If you’re interested in related digital publishing partnerships, please email us at [email protected]. And as always, we’re listening for stories over email at [email protected].

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

Kind Regards,

David Smooke, @AMI

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