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Hackernoon logoNOW HIRING: Complete This MVP to Help Writers Get Sponsored (Rails App) by@David

NOW HIRING: Complete This MVP to Help Writers Get Sponsored (Rails App)

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@DavidDavid Smooke

Founder & CEO of Hacker Noon

Weโ€™re near completion of an exciting MVP that would serve as complementary product to AMI Publications. We run a number of blogs and publications (such as Hacker Noon, ART + marketing, P.S. I Love You & Extra NewsFeed) that total 175,000+ subscribers & 2,500,000+ monthly pageviews, but like most media companies, are still figuring out how to make money.

80โ€“90% of the MVP was completed by a very talented developer, who is available to advise you on this project. The current techstack is a Rails, Heroku, Postgres, Stripe, & SendGrid. For this phase, Iโ€™m specifically seeking design and ruby on rails expertise.

To complete the remaining scope of the MVP product, hereโ€™s the list of priorities for developer/s hired:

  • Design 4 Pages (Designer)
  • Implement Front End Design (either Designer or Ruby on Rails Developer)
  • Complete Stripe Integration (Ruby on Rails Developer)

The budget for this project is limitedโ€Šโ€”โ€Šbecause as you may have heard from Ev Williamsโ€Šโ€”โ€Šthe business model of text storytelling on walled platforms is still TBD. In addition to (or in lieu of) cash, Iโ€™m open to milestone based partnerships in exchange for ad inventory or marketing services.

If the MVP works as I think it will, we will go further down the product roadmap, and at that point, Iโ€™d like to partner for a longer duration with an an equity component.

If interested, Direct Message @DavidSmooke.


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