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Hackernoon logo…Not Just Another Tech Party in San Francisco #HackerNoon by@David

…Not Just Another Tech Party in San Francisco #HackerNoon

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@DavidDavid Smooke

Founder & CEO of Hacker Noon

When I got my first startup job, my business card read “Internet Enthusiast” and that remains true today. Hacker Noon has grown to 2,000+ contributors and 125,000+ subscribers entirely through the internet. No office. No meetings. No parties — until now. I am very excited to meet this community in person. Today’s San Francisco event is a milestone. If you’re in San Francisco area today, use the discount code “@ami” for a complementary ticket to our inaugural event.

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Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted,

David Smooke, Hacker Noon (of AMI)

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P.P.S. use the discount code “@ami” for a complementary ticket to our inaugural event.


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