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Logic is FUNdamental

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@DavidDavid Smooke

Founder & CEO of Hacker Noon

Hello, let’s talk technology.

It’s been a busy week. We’ve published stories analyzing what industries blockchain will see the most adoption, how engineering managers can become more efficient, how investors & founders should communicate with each other, what it’s like to work with tech icons, how to make notifications you don’t hate, why cryptocurrencies continue to baffle seesawing law makers, and more below.

Before getting all “most-read-tech-story-listicle” on you… want to know more about how Hacker Noon works? Check out the newest episode of Crypto Disrupted, where I’m a guest. This new podcast is hosted by ReNu Coin’s Trent Lapinski & Greg Kerr. We discussed getting ahead of technology news cycles, AI’s expected impact on truck drivers, how the AMI network started, how commanding officers listening to NPR leads to their troops listening to NPR, how reality can be shaped by the observer, the different ways communities create editorial lines, the challenges facing Wikipedia editors, the importance of taking less meetings, the effect of re-reading your old stories, the risks in creating rules on the blockchain, and how money is fiat. Listen on Youtube or iTunes.

Lets dive into what people are reading on Hacker Noon. As always, can sort by most read posts by visiting our archive (February 2018)

A Real Book

The Book Every Programmer Should Read by Vinicius Brasil

An illusion

‘99.9999%’ uptime by Mianya Ong

Against the Grain

A surprising way to win in a crashing crypto market by Coin and Crypto

Avoid Leaky Abstraction

“Guys, we’re doing pagination wrong…” by Yan Cui

Blockchain for Good

Can Blockchains Reduce Social Inequality? by Val Repsys

Blockchain Investment Profiling

Four ways to invest in blockchain ranked from riskiest to safest by Joe Procopio

Blockchain Naturale

Better Blockchains Built by Nature by Matt Ward

Building Blocks of Functional Programming

How Immutable Data Structures (E.g. Immutable.js) are Optimized by Dumindu Buddhika

Competition Can Grow Anywhere

How To Beat Silicon Valley Competitors by Alex Crompton


CI/CD Is Not A Progression by Stride

Crypto Geo Politics

Fear not, China is not banning cryptocurrency by Wei Chun Chew

Crypto Hacking

17m XRB ‘stolen’ and what this means for the beleaguered cryptocurrency… by Orphan Blocks

Every Guide is a Hitchhiker’s Guide

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Consensus Algorithms by Zane Witherspoon

Founder Interview

How Mayank Pratap built EngineerBabu- A Profitable IT service company staying bootstrapped by Neeraj Joshi

Gig Economy

Can the blockchain really disrupt the middleman freelance platform market? by Kirill Shilov

Investment Discussions

20 things founders say and what investors think by Trace Cohen

Long Read of the Week

What I Learned from Working for Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs by Ben Fathi

Logic is FUNdamental

5 points to improve your programming logic by Germán Cutraro

Looking Back on a Year of Making More Money

50 Things I Learned About Investing Over The Last Year by Stefan Cheplick

Marketing Tech Legal Battles

Why AdTrader is Suing Google and Why Most Advertisers Might Never Get that Chance Again by AdTrader

My Workplace

🖥️ Desktop apps for Front-end development. by Alexander Buzin

Mythical Man-Month Hinted

The Decision Hypothesis by Doug Arcuri

New Python

5 speed improvements in Python 3.7 by Anthony Shaw

Other Cryptocurrencies

Diversifying Bitcoin? Take a Look at These Four Cryptocurrencies by Kenny Li

Product Management

Why You Should Build a Minimum Delight-able Product (MDP) by Misbah Ashraf

Secrets to Survival

19 pros share their advice on crypto trading by Coin and Crypto

Sleep More

You Need More Than 6 Hours of Sleep by Greg Yeutter

Storytelling in the Decentralized World

Building Trust & Security in Our Future by Erik P.M. Vermeulen

Three More Blockchain Things

3 Popular Types Of Blockchains You Need To Know by Febin John James

To Whip It

WIP It Real Good by John Cutler

Ugh, Facebook

Your Facebook data is creepy as hell by Georges Abi-Heila

What’s Next in Machine Learning

The New Neural Internet is Coming by Oleksandr Kaleniuk

Work on Them Soft Skills

You Are Not Paid to Write Code by Vinicius Brasil

You’ve Got Mail

How To Build A Notification That You Won’t Hate by Burke H✪lland

WTF is the Internet Becoming?

This Tangled Web — Intelligence, Technology and Fiction by Lochlan Bloom

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

Kind Regards,

David Smooke, @AMI


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