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How Machine Learning Finds Your Music

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Here are the top venture perspectives, crypto-columns, software development trends, startup stories, and WHY NOT stories of the week:


A Couple of Venture Capitalists on Venture Capital

The money behind the money: Being an LP in venture. An interview with Vintage Investment Partners founder, Alan Feld via Venture.

VC Math by Managing Partner at NewGen Capital Homan Yuen.



Cryptocurrency Resources List (109+ links 🔗) by CrptoHacker Alexander Isora

Initial Coin Offerings: Are We in a Bubble? by Tech Writer Ankit Kumar

This community is putting fish on the blockchain 🐟 by Crypto Aquarium’s Josh Petty

Token buyers, Token holders and Token users by Early Stage VC Ouriel Ohayon

Why the ICO Industry is terrible and how to fix it. by 8760 Founder Shadi Allababidi Paterson


Software Development Trends

Designing an Enterprise Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) System by Sr. Product Designer at Ten-X Justin Baker

How I Manage My Passwords (Technical Version) by Security Engineer at Pinterest, co-founder at Theneeds Emanuele Cesena

Interesting JavaScript Libraries born in China by the App Makers at DashBouquet

Introducing Mythril: A framework for bug hunting on the Ethereum blockchain by Uncertified Software Security Professional by Bernhard Mueller

Mastering Elixir Releases with Distillery — A (Pretty) Complete Guide by Software Maker Philipp

What habits made me a better software engineer? by Renaissance man Sonny Recio

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Some Startup Advice from Founders

9 things that I learnt from the most successful non-tech founders by Indiez Founder Nitesh Agrawal

SEO for Developers: Reaching the Front Page of Google without being Spammy by Developer turned Entrepreneur Cory Zue

How to create a winning pitch deck: slide-by-slide guide on how to make your pitch deck what VCs want to see by InterimCMO Founder Megan Groves


…& WHY NOT???

The Multiple Orgasm Theory by Wishfie Co-Founder Akshay Pruthi

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