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Betsy Bitterly Bit A Better Bitcoin

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What a week! Our top stories were published by a talented variety of heavy hitters, top developers, new founders, growth hackers, venture capitalists and bitcoin visionaries.

Enjoy this curated list of top tech stories from Hacker Noon. We’re working hard to provide you the best sh*t for hackers at noon.

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@a16z’s AI Playbook

💾 Adding AI to Your Mobile App by Andreessen Horowitz Partner Frank Chen

💾 Giving Your Software AI Superpowers by Andreessen Horowitz Partner Frank Chen

💾 Ways in Which Machines Learn by Andreessen Horowitz Partner Frank Chen

Betsy Bitterly Bit A Better Bitcoin

💾 Coup You by Beautyon, who’s twitter bio reads “Bitcoin is. And that is enough.”

💾 Don’t use a blockchain unless you need to by Alistair Roche, who wrote one of the great leads of tech blogging in 2017

Bot Bullsh*t

💾 How I made a food recognizing bot for Telegram and why it doesn’t have a future (yet) by 22 year old fast-food eating js/ruby-programming guy Artem Barbyniahra

💾 How to Build a Facebook Bot App Using Node.js by CEO & Co-Founder of Cosmic JS Tony Spiro

Cold Outreach

The Perfect Cold Email by writer jordangonen citing Sam Altman.

Create Inbound Links

How Pokemon Go And A Backlinking Strategy Helped Our Company Strike Gold by AppInstitute Marketing Manager Nabeena Mali


💾 Does VR Have a Future? by the VR online community Hammer & Tusk

How Tech Unicorns Build… & Perserve

💾 Applications of (pin)trace data by Pinterest Engineering

💾 Preserving a Culture of Innovation: Google Founders Collection Comes to Computer History Museum by Computer History Museum

It’s easy to sell dollar bills for ninety cents

💾 Don’t Get Seduced by GMV by Founder Collective

Javascript Details

💾 How to test JavaScript with Mocha — The Basics by Boston Full Stack Web Developer Brandon Morelli

💾 What the heck is a Callback? by Boston Full Stack Web Developer Brandon Morelli

💾 What the heck is an Immediately-Invoked Function Expression? by Boston Full Stack Web Developer Brandon Morelli

Learn to Code Quick Lesson

💾 Build a naive Article Spell-checker in 10 Lines of Python Code by AMR, who is Friends with Randomness, Uncertainty, Anomaly!

Life After Working for Facebook

💾 Software Engineer → SaaS Founder by Canny CEO Andrew Rasmussen

Product Management Life

💾 Agile Didn’t Eat Your Homework… by Zendesk Sr. Product Manager John Cutler

💾 The Value of “Non Feature” Work by Zendesk Sr. Product Manager John Cutler

React, React, React

💾 5 ways we improved our React Native app by the young, scrappy and hungry Developer Lorenzo Sciandra

💾 A React TODOs example, explained by Coding Educator Samer Buna

💾 How to Animate the Items of a React Native FlatList by Teacher & Founder Spencer Carli

💾 [Make React Fast Again] Series by LogRocket JS Founder & ex-Googler Ben Edelstein

Self-Driving Cars

💾 Who’s To Blame If One Gets Killed In An (Uber/Tesla/Waymo) Self-Driving Car? by Seyi Fabode

Team Building Lessons

💾 Could you not: A Rant About Front-End Coding Interviews by Developer, Comic Artist & Veteran Krystyna Ewing

💾 For an Inclusive Culture, Try Working Less by Software Person; Semicolon Enthusiast Rich Armstrong

💾 Go For Culture Add, Not Culture Fit by Foundry Group GM Brad Feld

💾 Storm To Perform: The 4 Stages Of Team Productivity by the visual collaboration tool Trello

Three New Tools Worth Checking Out

💾 Designing a simple web page with mini.css by founder & web developer Angelos Chalaris.

💾 Kotlin — A Deeper Look: It feels like magic… But is it really? by Android Engineer Sebastiano Gottardo

💾 The New Chrome DevTool Feature You Want to Know About (LightHouse) by Full Stack Web Developer Dor Moshe

Up to Speed on Deep Learning

💾 June Update, Part 2 by Requests for Startups

Where Tech Meets Literature, and Standup Comedy

💾 A super quick comparison between Kafka and Message Queues by Full-stack JS developer & PluralSight author Hendrik Swanepoel

💾 Why entrepreneurship is like stand-up comedy by Product Enthusiast & Entrepreneur Shival Gupta

Will Robots Take My Job?

From Idea to 4M Page Views in 4 Weeks by Product Hunt Maker of the Year Mubashar Iqbal

With $0-ish in Marketing Budget…

Here’s exactly how the Fam App got 1,024,786 downloads in 10 days by Franco Iudiciani

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P.P.S. if you’re in San Francisco area June 20th, use the discount code “@ami” for a complementary ticket to our inaugural event.


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