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Yooker: One of the Most Popular SEO Freelance Services Today

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@tanveerzafarTanvir Zafar


Getting paid as an SEO freelancer is actually quite easy, as long as you know where and how to do so. Ever since the advent of the Internet’s ubiquity, the world has indeed become smaller, and this mean that people are able to get in contact with services that they need without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

On the flip side, SEO professionals and skilled writers are also able to get gainful employment and make money doing the things that they love.

To wit, we take a look at Yooker; one of the most exciting and innovative freelance platforms on the Internet today.

One of the major advantages of getting on Yooker is the fact that it is incredibly cheap. Also, just as it is with various freelance services out there, it is possible for you to find all types of services on Yooker. You can make money on Yooker through the sales of eBooks, providing blog consultation services, SEO, blog maintenance, etc.

As long as you’re able to find the category of the service that you require, then you will be open to a sea of talent to help you out.

How Yooker Works

If you’re looking to get a person to help you out, then Yooker works the following way:

- Find a Yook that you like. Upon getting a Yook who piques your fancy, communicate with them, iron out the details of your deal, and hire them.

- Pay for your service. Please keep in mind that payments on Yooker are done through PayPal.

- Keep track. It is essential that you track the progress being made by your seller. You can communicate with them to find out how they’re doing this is extremely important.

- Get your work done. Upon the agreed upon date, your seller will send your finished work. In the event that they might need extra time, you can also communicate with them to establish new terms of your agreement.

- Request modifications. In the event that you get a finished job from your seller and it is not what you expected, then you can contact them again to request for certain changes, and they’ll make them available per your request.

- Feedback. Provide feedback on the services of your seller and give them a rating.

For sellers, Yooker works as thus:

- Create. Create a new Yook that describes the service that you are looking to offer. Your Yook is what a potential buyer sees when they view your profile, so it is essential that you make it as professional and alluring as possible.

- Share your Yook. If you’re looking to gain even more exposure, then you can share your Yook with the use of bookmarking tools and invite people

- Notifications. As soon as someone views your Yook and indicates interest, then Yooker will notify you.

- Communicate. Speak with a potential buyer and iron out your details. As soon as the details have be established then get to work.

- Deliver. When the agreed upon delivery date has been reached, deliver your job and wait for further instructions

- Get paid. In the event that there are no complaints or modifications, your cash will be credited to your account immediately. You can get paid by Payoneer as well as PayPal.

Earn through Referrals. Become an affiliate of Yooker and earn 15% commission on all sales of the customer. It is a lifetime affiliate program. If someone was directed to Yooker from your Affiliate link, but didn’t make a purchase and then after 10 months decided to make a purchase, you will still be eligible for commission. You will get paid for EVERY Purchase they make, forever!


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