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Six Ways For Effective Data Visualization With Tableau

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Tableau is a top trending data visualization software for Business Intelligence and Data Analysis process and it is widely used by many top companies. It enables user to work on live data set to focus more on data
analysis than data wrangling.
Main Uses of Tableau
  • It is used to translate all the queries into visualization.
  • It is used for managing metadata
  • It is used to import any sizes and ranges of data
  • It offers the feature to create ‘No-Code’ data queries. So that
    non-technical user also get benefitted.
Unique Features of Tableau
  • Data Blending: Tableau combines the data from multiple resources into a
    functioning dataset.
  • Real-time Data Analysis: Tableau analyze the data immediately after collection.
  • Data Collaboration: Tableau applies data effectively to initiate strategic decisions for the growth of an organization.
Six tips to do effective data visualization using Tableau
Data Visualization with Tableau is very quick for data analysis. Before proceeding for the data visualization process, consider the following aspects to make it more understandable and accessible:
  • Category of audience
  • Expected questions
  • Proper answers for their queries
  • Clear idea about the content
  • Result of the conversation
Tableau is generated as dashboards or worksheets that contains actionable insights and it will be operated on virtualized environments efficiently when it is configured with effective ways as follows:
1. Keep Dashboard always clean
Dashboard is the key feature in Tableau for creating complex, interactive visualizations combining of multiple graphics. Therewith this dashboard will become too clustered and difficult to read and understand the data. It will serve better and extremely useful when it is handled in proper manner to portray data in a readable format for business analytics.
To make the dashboard tidy and uncrowded follow the tricks that are mentioned below
  • Reduce title text
  • Remove repeated word
  • Highlight important facts/figures
Presenting these tricks in the top, a viewer can see the vital information straight away.
2. Select suitable chart and graph for a task
Choosing the right format for your visualization that deliver the story in best manner and answer the key question generated by data. Sometimes, combining of charts will be more useful and it will lead to get better business insights and proper action.
Some of the following formats can be considered for the visualization:
  • Bar Charts: It is effective by categorize the multiple data by splitting it
  • Bullet Charts: It shows progress by comparing measures and useful to replace dashboard gauges and thermometers
  • Line Graph: It connects different type of data points and present it as continuous evaluation.
  • Histograms and Box Plots: It is used to show the exact place to cluster the data and compare it
  • Maps: It is used for visualizing the location assistance and geographical exploration
  • Pie Charts: To add other visualizations
3. Consider the color choice for the chart and graphs
Be mindful when using colors for visualization. Because of insufficient usage of color make, the visualization dull and un-engaging and too much usage of colors appeared like unprofessional.
Thankfully, Tableau has the detailed explanations on its own website for best color practices along with the right color palettes and preview option. Therefore, user can see which color work better and helps them to plan accordingly to display the best dashboard to attract wide range of audience.
4. Apply predictable patterns for Layouts

Visualization will be difficult to understand when it has random pattern or pattern less as human are naturally a visual creators. Moreover our eyes are attentive to the indicators to understand the information in a glance.
To make the visualization more attractive, use capitalization as per the order or format that leads sensible to the viewers. It can be numerical, sequential, or alphabetical. It should be present as the readability of the particular language and orient the visualization as per the convention. When using multiple graphs, give clear and consistent data with the connection between the lines. It makes reader to follow the given information easily.
5. Do not use two parameters for the same information
Avoid using two parameters in a dashboard to display the same information. For example, if color scheme and bar height are displaying the same variable, it is better to provide it with extra words that suits for delivering the information. You can use color gradient to make it better way of showing the data.
6. Present every text carefully as per the purpose
Usage of text in Dashboard will improve the better visualization. Because in many cases, too much of text will distract the user to visualize the main purpose of the data. In addition, unorganized data gives the unpleasant look, which leads boring to read the context that has the main point. Applying text in countable manner make a major attention to show it unique.
Data Visualization in Tableau makes the very best outcome when it presents in a proper manner. You can make use of Tableau community to add more value for your work with unique creativity and shared ideas. It will be useful to overcome the obstacles immediately, which are coming on your task process.


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