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Top 75+ ICO Marketing Agencies

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There are many stages to launching an ICO and the needs of the business vary depending at what stage they’re on. For each of these stages we’ve highlighted what services are needed and organized our Top 75 list according to their offered services across five main categories:

Full-service (each stage)Pre-salesPre ICOPost ICOBusiness looking to have an ICO

Buyer beware — After the ICO hype of 2017, the industry saw a large number of agencies moving into the field — many of which charge very high prices for the same services as their competitors. Always make sure to thoroughly investigate the agency you choose. For your convenience, we’ve gone ahead and handpicked the top 75 agencies in the industry.


The focus is on helping a completely new idea come to life. The agencies listed here are able to offer the “full package,” meaning they can help you when you first launch your business, through the ICO process, and into the post-ICO advising stages.

1. Blockchain Venture Studio

Full-Service ICO agency

Blockchain Venture Studio is a globally distributed team of designers, engineers, and social scientists that partner with founders and challengers to help them build blockchain ecosystems for scale, market leadership, and sustainability.

2. Markchain

A full-service agency specialized in media, digital marketing, investment and community building.

Markchain has a dedicated team of renowned international consultants, each of them with their own speciality between investing, marketing, technical knowledge, editorial know-how, among many other skills. Markchain develops customized marketing strategies from scratch or communication support structions for project that already know what they want, with the best quality/price ratio. Recently, Markchain’s CEO was interviewed about his success in a bear market and described by Forbes as “the best crypto advisor in France.”

3. ICO Launch Malta

Full service ICO and security token offering platform located in the ICO and crypto friendly jurisdiction of Malta.

ICO Launch Malta specializes in the development of bespoke security tokens, and decentralised finance applications. Their proprietary STO platform, allows issuers to launch and manage a complete spectrum of tokenized financial instruments from bonds to vesting equity in a manner that is cost and time effective.

4 HowToToken

Content Creation, White Paper Development, Smart Contract Development, Brand Curation, PR

A full-service agency for launching a successful ICO — transparent and fair prices on a platform that has been built for ICO management with experts who specialize in each stage of an ICO, so you can work with only the best all through one window.

5. Bitcoin PR Buzz

PR Newswire, Content Creation, Social Media

Founded in 2012, Bitcoin PR Buzz is the world's first blockchain marketing agency, and has been trusted by over 800 clients as one of the premier PR newswire services operating in the space. Their native-English Account Managers can also help with Article placements and Social Media.

6. PR-Blockchain agency

News creation & publication, working with the opinions leaders, reputation management, anti-crisis PR, marketing and PR-strategies, business plans and White paper.

«PR-Blockchain agency” was founded in early 2017. Agency specializes in providing services of organic PR for IT and blockchain-startups around the World. Thanks to creative and professional development of news for customers, viral distribution of those continues even after the PR-campaigns has ended. According to initial reports, the results of three years of work is $41 million investments received by the agency’s clients.

7. Forklog Consulting

ICO Marketing, PR, Consulting, Brand Curation, Market Analytics, SEO

Forklog Consulting develops custom media, create branded content, and provide consulting services for tech companies in blockchain, AI, fintech, aerospace, or beyond.

8. IBC Group

ICO Launching, Blockchain Solutions, Funding and Financial Consulting

IBC is an international blockchain consulting group spanning 40 countries and facilitating end-to-end ICO support, enterprise blockchain development, capital raising, consulting, and institutional training.

9. ICOBox

Full-Service ICO Agency

ICOBox is the first and the biggest new generation blockchain growth promoter and business facilitator for companies seeking to sell their products via ICO crowdsales.

10. Infinite Block Tech

Full-Service ICO Agency, Full-Service Blockchain Creation Agency

Infinite Block Tech is designed to automate processes and save operational costs with a surplus of applications like decentralized tokens, smart contracts, smart wallets, hyperledger, and much more.

11. Olshansky & Partners

Full-Service ICO Agency

“Olshansky & Partners” is one of the leading companies on the market for online marketing and development in Russia and Ukraine. Started in 2011, the company now has over 120 employees in Kiev.

12. Strategic Coin

Blockchain Incorporation, Technology Development, Token Vetting, Token Economics, White Paper Creation

Strategic Coin is a premier utility token research and blockchain advisory firm. Strategic Coin team members are seasoned and highly accomplished professionals with proven track records and long-time demonstrated success within a wide range of businesses and industries.

13. TokenSuite LLC

Developmental, Marketing, Exchange Listing, Investor Relations, Advisory, and Partnerships

TokenSuite is an all-encompassing, performance-based global digital marketing agency that is primarily focused on blockchain-based startups and projects.


Attracting early investors is key, and this category features the agencies with the right connections to help your company get its foot in the door. The services offered in this category include: investor relations, advisory services, and partnership consultancy.

14. Applicature

ICO Management, Tokensale, Blockchain Consultants

Applicature works on projects in the blockchain industry that develop smart contacts; research, deployment, and customization of blockchain solutions; technical advisory to blockchain companies; technical consultancy on tokensales/initial coin offerings.

15. Blockchain Valley Ventures

Full-Service ICO Agency, Investor Management

Blockchain Valley Ventures (BVV) is a new accelerator and venture firm incubating, developing, and investing in blockchain-enabled businesses.

16. Block Gemini

ICO Advisory, Smart Contract Services

Block Gemini’s objective is to help global corporations create decentralized economies where they can interact with their clients in unimaginable ways. They have been in the IT field for over 25 years.

17. Canada Blockchain Group

ICO Development, Investment Management, Funding Advisory

Canada Blockchain Group is a Canadian group of companies focused on the development, advancement, and mass adoption of the blockchain technology globally. They foster out-of-the-box thinking, innovation, and groundbreaking inventions.

18. Chaineum

Strategic and Financial Advising, Tokenomics

Chaineum Capital Partners specialize in the decentralized economy and blockchain technology, providing strategic and financial advice and partner with corporations, investors, family offices, financial sponsors, banks, and governments.

19. CoinPoint

Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Crypto and Blockchain Consultation, Content Creation

CoinPoint offers cutting-edge services and solutions that empower small-scale businesses and multinational companies.

20. Element Group

ICO Advising, Element Trading, Tokenization Platform, Asset Management, Market Research

Element Group is your global strategic partner in transforming traditional finance with cryptoeconomics, digital assets, and proprietary technology solutions.

21. ICOcrow

Turnkey Service, Curated Partnerships, Expedited ICO Listing, Marketing

At ICOcrow, an ICO’s success is the team’s mission. The agency invests in efficient employees and strong partnerships in order to provide consumers with a service that is beneficial to all parties.

22. Inbound Junction

Reputation Management, Link Building, Blog Management, PR, Content Amplification, SEO, Brand Guidance

The Inbound Junction founding team comes from the very early days of Internet marketing. They first entered the world of Internet marketing back in 2006, focusing on content marketing, SEO, and affiliate marketing. Now, they apply that knowledge and expertise in their clients’ campaigns.

23. MLG Blockchain

Full-Suite Marketing, PR, Community and Events Management, Investor Relations/Private Sales, Smart Contract Development, Product Design

MLG Blockchain is a global blockchain consulting and development firm focused on changing the world by creating network effects and raising capital for next-generation applications that use blockchain and smart contract technology.

24. Narwal

Marketing, Investor Roadshow/Events, Media Influencers, Community Management

Narwal is a full-service public relations agency located in the heart of Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley” with a focus on blockchain and fintech projects.

25. Satis Group

Token and Offering Structuring, Legal Consultation, Token/Smart Contract Management, Investor Outreach

Satis Group is dedicated to providing the best advice to founding teams, corporations, and funds on how to optimize ICO execution while navigating the increasingly complex legal and tax hurdles involved.


Before you can even think of getting your ICO funded you need to get all of your ducks in a row. The agencies in this category can help with legal regulations, building a community, and curating the perfect brand image. Specialized services for this category include marketing, ICO support, community management, and web development.

26. 7Marketz

ICO Marketing, SEO, Media Buying, Market Consulting

The 7Marketz team works on multiple projects, extending their product line on a day-by-day basis, ranging from technology solutions to AI and machine learning. This enables them to offer you end-to-end solutions to cover each step of your customer journey.

27. Allusion

Web Development, PR, Community Management, ICO Marketing

Allusion is a tokensale advertising agency that has automated all of the basic marketing processes, enabling you to focus on your project instead of being distracted by daily routine tasks that eat up precious time.

28. AZ Blockchain

Custom Blockchain Technology Creations, Blockchain Marketing

AZ Blockchain is a boutique blockchain marketing company focused on developing long-term partnerships with people who care about launching products that matter.

29. Bloqchain Science

Smart Contract Security Auditing, Blockchain Security, GDPR Assessment

Bloqchain Science builds secure decentralized systems within your enterprise by using blockchain-based DLT, identity solutions, custom tokens, and smart contracts.

30. Ceta Network

ICO Advisory, International PR, Community Management, Paid Advertising, Blockchain Solutions

The Ceta Network’s mission is to nurture this evolution by providing foundationally sound projects with visibility and capital funding. The Ceta Network drives their partners’ blockchain technologies and cryptographic digital assets to the public on an international stage.

31. CryptoDex

Community Building, Token Launch Advisory

Cryptodex is founded on the principle that blockchain technology is changing the fundamental structure of not only our economy and banking systems, but also the way we connect and engage as human beings. As we move further into a world that fully implements the utility of blockchain technology, new opportunities to create sustainable independent communities emerge.

32. Cube29

PR, Media Relations, Community Management, Digital Marketing, Influencer Outreach, Speaking Opportunities

CUBE29 was founded by cryptocurrency enthusiasts that also happen to be marketing and PR professionals. They are overwhelmed by all of the hype around ICOs that are accompanied by lousy PR campaigns and low-quality press releases. That is why their mission is to bring the same kind of thorough and accountable communications campaigns that the more established tech fields enjoy to ICO launches.

33. Foxtail Marketing

SEO, SaaS, Content Marketing, ICO Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Sales Funnel Optimization Foxtail Marketing was founded by online marketing veterans who got tired of the old ways of doing online marketing. Having seen the bad habits become commonplace, the founders knew that clients deserved a better product.

34. ICO Bulls

White Paper, Tokenomics, Smart Contract, Website, Video, Bounty Program

ICO Bulls provides measurable results for your ICO with battle-proven turnkey solutions.

35. CrowdCoinage

Whitelabel ICO Platform Hosting, KYC/AML

One of the most secure and automated ICO platform’s available. This is a whitelabel platform for tokensales where the setup only takes a few days.

36. Jargon PR

Media Relations, Analyst Relations, Event Support, Product Reviews, Influencer Marketing, White Paper Creation

Jargon PR was established in 2009, and the agency continues to evolve. Today, they support high growth and ambitious businesses with robust B2B media relations campaigns.

37. KEY Difference Media

ICO Advising, Content Marketing, PR, Influencer Marketing, Media Buying, Conversion Optimization

KEY Difference Media focuses solely on the crucial stage of ICO marketing. They bridge the gap between you and investors, giving you the tools to bring in leads dedicated to your cause.

38. Market Me Good

Marketing, Community Building/Management, Bounty Campaigns, Pre-ICO Strategy

Market Me Good is an experienced ICO marketing agency that puts their clients first, leads with exceptional ideas, and closely collaborates to understand and find the best marketing solutions for your ICO.

39. MarketAcross

SEO, PR, Online Reputation Management, Blog Management

MarketAcross is a full-service ICO marketing agency that focuses on overall marketing strategies for ICOs. They implemented it through a variety of services such as content marketing, PR, influencer outreach, and social promotions to build a large and loyal community.

40. Mo Works

Advisory Services, IU/UX Designers, KYC Platforms Integration, Community Management, Bounty Program Creation, PR, Investor Relations, Ad Buying, Roadshows/Event Scheduling

Mo Works is ready to help you realize your potential growth. Established in 2013, Mo Works is a Melbourne-based agency with influence all over the world. They’re here to share their knowledge and launch you into the crypto market.

41. Priority Token

ICO Advising, ICO Promotion

Priority Token is an international ICO advisory and promotion agency incorporated in the UK with offices in London, Singapore, Moscow, and Dubai.

42. ROQ Crypto

Blockchain Programming, White Paper, Web Development

ROQ Media is investor backed and was founded in early 2017. Their vision is to turn dreams and ideas into a reality by offering a one-stop solution for successful ICOs and other blockchain-based needs.

43. Sicos

ICO Consulting

Sicos provides strategic advice at various stages through the ICO process. They assist in structuring the ICO vehicle through their highly competent, global, and legal partners and in analyzing token economics.

44. Sate Development

Blockchain Enterprise Solutions, ICO Management Services, Marketing, Blockchain Testing and Quality Assurance, Crypto Exchange Support, Blockchain Training, Blockchain Consulting

Sate Development is a global blockchain technology service provider serving clients across more than 10 countries and counting.

45. Swisscom Blockchain AG

Token Management, Brand Strategy Development

Swisscom is the one of the largest IT infrastructure hosts in Switzerland. From development solutions to high-security blockchain factories, they offer a great environment for your specific needs.

46. Thomas Ray Co

Crowdsale Raise, dApp User Adoption, Lead Generation, User Acquisition, Email Marketing, Social Media Advertising, SEO Marketing

TRC is structured to help a diverse array of clientele meet their business objectives, ranging from pre-raise promotional strategies to decentralized application user adoption campaigns. Each campaign is customized to meet the client’s requirements.

47. Tokenget

ICO Management, Marketing, Full Token Support

TokenGet is an advanced and secure ICO turnkey platform, so you can focus on marketing, ICO promotion, or finding investors. Their solution will save you huge overhead costs on managing an ICO, which could be better used on developing your product or pitching at events.

48. WeRaise

Marketing for ICO

WeRaise delivers full-cycle blockchain marketing campaigns in order to give your project maximum visibility and credibility.

49. Zerion

Token Platform, Global Partners, Investor Accreditation, Airdrop Hosting

Zerion is a fintech startup that powers the tokenization of the economy by developing technology that connects great companies with great investors.


ICO Launch Platform, Admin Panel for ICO, Legal Guidance, Wallet Management, ICO Advisory, Market Creation, PR, Bounty Campaign Management, Community Management

The ZMEST team has been doing marketing and PR for more than 15 years. Their diverse portfolio of client experience includes successful ICO promotions. Full-cycle marketing or single solutions — it’s up to you to decide what services of theirs are best for you.


Your ICO ended, now what? Check out this category to find help from agencies that specialize in keeping your companies momentum moving after your ICO has ended with services like: content creation, legal support, or exchange listing.

51. Affect

PR, Social Media Management, Marketing

Affect’s full-service approach spans the disciplines of public relations, marketing, and social media, and unlike some agencies, they consider all three with every engagement they approach. However, their greatest assets include their ability to listen, improvise, and adapt.

52. AmaZix

Community Management and Engagement

AmaZix is a group of professional crypto ICO moderators who have technical expertise, are excellent at support, and they are led by an elite team of managers. They provide a turnkey service to crypto projects based on Bancor or the Ethereum Network.

53. Ambisafe

Marketing, Issues, and Token Management, Token Distribution, Post-ICO Solutions

Ambisafe offers a full scope of ICO services, from asset issuance to post-ICO support. Throughout each campaign, they help companies build awareness and reach their potential contributors. After each sale is over, they help clients to maintain contact with their supporters.

54. C6 Advisors

ICO Management, Consulting, Communications, Crowdsale

C6 Advisors leverages in-house business expertise, engaging network connections, and applies the best industry practices in order to build a holistic ecosystem of managed services for blockchain startups.

55. Crowdcreate

Community Management, PR, Crypto Influencers, Bounty Campaigns, Brand Design, Content Creation

Some of the world’s largest tech companies have chosen Crowdcreate to raise more investor funds and grow their online community. Crowdcreate is staffed by experienced growth marketing experts and they have the case studies to prove it.

56. Crynet

Project Audit, Marketing Strategy, Legal Support, Pools and Funds, Technical Consulting, HR (head hunting)

Crynet offers a wide range of support services for ICOs and blockchain-driven businesses, such as multinational legal support, blockchain development and tech support, payment gateway crypto cash, blockchain HR, advisor support, and social media marketing across all social media platforms, Telegram, etc.

57. Cryptonomos

ICO Services

Cryptonomos makes it safe and easy to buy a variety of tokens on one platform. They also provide ICO services to help companies create the perfect ICO.

58. Modern Token

Advisory, Content Creation, Audits, Smart Contract Creation

Modern Token is passionate about supporting innovative companies using the blockchain to build their future. They have blockchain scientists onhand to take care of your product architecture from concept and design to the technical specifications and MVP development.

59. Palm Beach Marketing

Fintech and Cryptocurrency Influencers, Social Media, and Community Management

Palm Beach Marketing employs a vast team of fintech and cryptocurrency influencers and they have a large community on social media networks and forums.

60. Searched

Full-Spectrum Blockchain Services, Cryptocurrency Marketing, PR, Post-ICO Support

Searched has experience in growing startups from the ground up using their advanced SEO, digital marketing strategies, and development skills. They have naturally navigated towards blockchain startups and ICO’s to support the launch and growth after an ICO has ended.

61. Ticoon

Marketing and Community Management

Ticoon works to create an impactful and empowering marketing plan that will ease the success of your ICO. They analyze your market and help you launch to increase the chances and influence.

62. Tokenasia

Marketing, Consultancy, Investor Relations, White Paper, Community Management, Smart Contracts, Security Audit, KYC/AML

Tokenasia’s primary focus is to assist their clients in launching the perfect crowdfunding campaign along with taking care of communities, campaign architecture, promotional activities, content management, technology infrastructure, and the post-ICO strategy.

63. Tokeny

Token Management, ICO Platform

Tokeny is a company dedicated to providing a secure end-to-end platform, allowing for the sale and management of tokens during and after an ICO or STO.

64. Validity Labs

Educational Services, ICO Services, Blockchain Solution Services

Validity Labs is a Swiss-based education and training business focused on smart contracts. They aim to be the provider of choices for educational events in Switzerland and the surrounding countries.

65. Vanbex

Marketing, Token Economics, Content Creation

The Vanbex Group specializes in consulting, communications, and development for blockchain businesses. They take a tailored approach to shaping the future for every client they manage.

66. X10

ICO Marketing, Promotion/PR, Community Management, Post ICO, Exchanges

X10 Agency is a full-service marketing and PR agency delivering turnkey solutions for successful ICO promotions. They are the launchpad that helps ICOs get started, engage with the audience, and reach a hard cap.

Running business looking to have an ICO

Are you a currently running a business that is looking to launch an ICO to expand your market or improve your product? If you have a blockchain-based idea but don’t know how to implement it, these agencies are your best bet, since they have the skills to build your idea and help you launch an ICO from the ground up. These agencies focus their skills on smart contract creation, ICO management, and more importantly, blockchain consultancy.

67. Belkin Marketing

Full-Service ICO Marketing, Content Marketing

Belkin Marketing is led by the CMO of NewsBTC and the former Head of Marketing for Cointelegraph. Backed with a group of A-Team specialists, who are well known in the blockchain community, they act in perfect synchrony like a well-oiled machine that is always ready to go.

68. Bitcoin Marketing Team

Marketing Strategy Consultation, Crypto Advertising, Communication Advising, Blockchain & ICO SEO

Bitcoin Marketing Team is a collection of marketing, advertising, and communication professionals headquartered in Dublin, Ireland as well as in San Francisco, USA. They have a proven track record of bringing B2B and B2C products and services to market.

69. Bitcoin Suisse

Brokerage, ICO Facilitation/Advisory

Bitcoin Suisse specializes in providing alternative finances and non-banking assets that are outside of the traditional financial system and banking establishment.

70. CoinLauncher

Marketing, Paid Advertising, Social Media Management, Market Insights, Community Management, Influencer Insights, Exchange Listing

ICO listings for coin and tokensales with intelligent marketing data that is used to create tools for ICO investors in order to help them manage their initial coin offering through research and decision-making assistance.

71. ICO Angels

Funding Organization, Consumer Insight Research, Technology Advising, ICO Marketing

ICO Angels are a specialist advisory and marketing service that positions blockchain-related projects for ICO funding.

72. Mazee

Token Economics, Community Management, ICO Advisory, Bounty Management

Mazee is an end-to-end ICO community management and marketing service with an eye for quality delivery. Their focus is on building strategies with the teams that will work hand-in-hand with you on your project. They’ll do whatever they can to help you with your success.

73. Official Startups

Strategy Planning, Sales, ICO Support, Investor Managing

Official Startups is a full-service strategic business consulting, brand management, and marketing agency dedicated to inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit and bringing business dreams to life.

74. Sparkchain

Marketing Strategies, TGE/ICO Support, Fundraising, Content Development, Media Relations, Paid Media Placement, Blockchain Development

Sparkchain has deep and expansive knowledge of the most disruptive technology since the Internet and by teaming up with the initial wave of market leaders, Sparkchain offers strategic communications and marketing support for the entire global blockchain.

75. TSM Global

ICO Marketing, Fundraising

TSM supports projects they believe to be right, not necessarily those that are always the most profitable in the short run.

We’ll continue to monitor the market and keep this list updated as time goes on. In an effort to maintain the best possible resource, we welcome any addition to our research. If you see an agency missing that you think should be on this list (or if there’s an agency on this list that you don’t think belongs here), please leave a comment so that we can implement it after review. Thank you for helping us keep the community informed!

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