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Tips and Tricks to Make Alexa Smarter by the Best Alexa Commands and Skills

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Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google assistant has taken technology by storm. Even businesses are taking more interest in disruptive technologies and leverage the benefits for their good.

The market share of Amazon Alexa is high in comparison to Google home. There are more and more devices that are coming with built-in Alexa, whether you are buying an Echo product from Amazon or third-party devices.

Hence, you need to be aware of Top Alexa commands that make your life easy by obeying your commands. We have been keeping an eye on the Best Alexa Skills you need to know, here is the list of top Alexa commands.

1. Radio and Music

One of the top most used skills and commands for the Alexa are for playing music and radio.

If you want to play something instantly, then it is much easier to do this with top Alexa commands. There is no need for opening the search bar, typing your choice of song, rewrite it if wrong, and play; instead, you just have to simply command Alexa to play your favorite song.

Not only songs but if you want to hear the latest Ted talks and podcast, you could try Alexa skills specially made listening to your command.

Moreover, there are some skills that have developed specially for calming your mind like; nature sounds, rain sounds, and white noise. Hence, you can pick the ones which suit you and increase your mood.

Here are some of Top Media Command you can Play

“Alexa, play some music.”

“Alexa, play music by artist name”

“Alexa, resume my playlist”

“Alexa, stop playing music after 30 minutes”

“Alexa, play the next song”

2. The Best Alexa Skills: Television Streaming

Alexa allows a user to control their TVs by Fire TV devices with Echo devices. It will let you open a specific streaming app, or play any content by searching title, actors, or genres.

The commands run on any TVs that have Amazon’s fire TV software built in.

Recently, Sony Tv has also gained Alexa integration: using Amazon Alexa you can turn on and off the TV and change any channel. Other than that by using best Alexa commands, you can also control the volume as well.

Due to Alexa’s smart home skill API, television manufactures will integrate Alexa in their devices.

Some of the Top Alexa Command for Television

“Alexa, increase the volume at 3”

“Alexa, change the channel’

“Alexa, Mute/Unmute the Tv”

“Alexa, set the timer”

3. Top Alexa Skills: News, Weather, and Traffic

There are innumerable outlets that offer the flash briefing in one form or another, but some work better than others.

By using the Alexa skills you can play your flash briefing in the morning which read out headlines.

You can plan your day by knowing the weather outside from Alexa skills.

If you are one of the unfortunate souls who drive to work. Alexa traffic skills can come to your aid. By listing the traffic predictions and update you can plan your route accordingly.

Top Alexa skills for News, Weather, and Traffic

“Alexa, “what’s the latest news?”

“Alexa, what’s my flash briefings.”

“Alexa, what’s is the weather outside”

“Alexa, how’s the traffic be like?”

4. The Best Alexa Skills for Smarthome

There is nothing cooler than changing your room’s atmosphere by changing the hue of the smart bulbs. With Phillip hue Amazon Alexa skill enabled which you can install your home. One of the best things about Philip hue is that you can control specific lights or lights of a certain room.

Do you know Alexa skills can be your virtual security guard? Companies in the US like Abode, Honeywell, ring, ADT have already signed on to let the new Alexa security panel controller framework to interface with their systems. As a result it will allow users control security attributes with their voices.

Top Alexa Commands for Smart Home:

“Alexa, dim the light 30 percent”

“Alexa, lock my front door”

“Alexa set the temperature at 25 degrees”

“Alexa, ask TrackR to find my phone”

5. Uber Alexa Skills:

If you are living somewhere on the Uber coverage, you can use Alexa skills quickly and book a car to drive to your location and pick up.

For that, you have to install Uber Alexa skills on your Amazon device and once configured you can say the command for the booking of the app.

Alexa Commands for Booking a Cab:

“Alexa, ask Uber to request a ride”
“Alexa, ask Uber where’s my ride?”


Not only private use but amazon Alexa has spread its wing into businesses also.The hospitality industry is also integrating Alexa for better growth and prosperous customer experience. Smart offices are becoming common as smart-homes nowadays.

Admittedly, we can call this “full list” but there are so many Alexa commands being added every day.

Do you know any unique Alexa skill commands? Suggestions are welcome.


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