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Hackernoon logoThe Noon Notification⁠—Monday 10 February, 2020 by@natasha

The Noon Notification⁠—Monday 10 February, 2020

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How Data Analysis Helps Unveil the Truth of Coronavirus

By xyng17 
These days we are all scared of the new airborne contagious coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Even if it is a tiny cough or low fever, it might underlie a lethargic symptom. However, what is the real truth?

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🧩 Why Do We Need APIs Anyways?

By Mohit Mamoria 
If you’ve been anywhere close to a computer engineer, you’d have definitely noticed them drop the term - API. A software engineer would use the term for so many varied purposes that it’s easy to lose the track of the conversation and left hanging in there, wondering, “Why the heck we need APIs?”

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Create Your Own Full Page Slider Implementation with JQuery [Tutorial]

By Edvinas Pranka 
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple mouse wheel scroller. The following solution is very basic. It can be greatly improved, but it just an example of how fast it can be implemented or a good starting point to create your own slider.

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What is Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)? [My Two Cents]

By Noam Levenson 
A Pocket Guide To Modern Monetary Theory and Why It Matters

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If your goal is to be a software engineer, you've set the bar too low

By Patrick Lee Scott 
When I started coding, it was partially because I thought it’d be cool to make a computer do my bidding. 

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How a Data Scientist Sees a Deck of Cards

By Baptiste Coulange 
The Data Scientist Creativity Paradox

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Why I Built a No Code Platform to Automate my Cryptocurrency Trading

By Rj Bernaldo 
During the past couple of years, I’ve been building and running my own automated cryptocurrency trading strategies. While I am not as profitable as my naive past-self imagined, I did discover a few things that helped me grow, and ultimately change how I perceive and approach the markets.

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Bitcoin in the Age of Quantum Computing

By Jacob Ramirez 
Deemed as one of the biggest potential technological revolutions of recent history, quantum computing also poses security risks for the cryptocurrency space. Quantum-computing is able to harness quantum mechanics to reach data processing levels otherwise impossible with traditional computing.

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Mean Reversion Trading Systems and Cryptocurrency Trading [A Deep Dive]

By Alok 
Prices move in a wave like fashion, moving back and forth following a broader trend. While doing so, it often revolves around a mean. It might move across or bounce off the mean. Mean reversion systems are designed to exploit this tendency.

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Painkillers, Vitamins and Misunderstood Startup Lessons

By Sefi 
If you’re a startup founder, you may be short of many things : funding, sleep, the will to live.

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Change Management: How To Use Narratives To Make Better Products

By Sara Tortoli 
The Unavoidable Essence of a Product Manager Role: How to succeed as a Change Manager through the power of Narratives.

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The Best Companies Built On Top Of Slack

By Peter Schroeder 
Entire companies are being built on top of the worlds fastest growing software.

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How to Design a Web Application: Software Architecture 101

By Fahim ul Haq 
So you’ve embarked on the entrepreneurial journey to build your own web application. You’ve got the idea in place, but the significance of getting the architecture right is extremely important.

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How to Structure a PyTorch ML Project With Google Colab and TensorBoard

By Michael Li 
Let’s build a fashion-MNIST CNN, PyTorch style. This is A Line-by-line guide on how to structure a PyTorch ML project from scratch using Google Colab and TensorBoard

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Creativity is the Heart of Cybersecurity

By Elisheva Marcus 
Insights from a Q&A with Deflect’s Founder, Kevin Voellmer

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The Feedback Fairy 🧚‍♀️

By Dane Lyons 
Shouldn't feedback be one of the easiest things we do as designers or developers? Just look at Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. When you get stuck, just phone-a-friend and make a million dollars. Easy right?

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