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"The most successful products are those with a simple and consistent framework" - Marco Mottana

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@edward-moonEdward Moon

Senior product designer / cryptocurrency investor

Not everyone has the technical-knowhow to navigate the highly volatile crypto terrain. There are a lot of moving pieces. It will surprise you to know that trading, staking, mining, and hodling are not the only sure way to earn crypto income. In 2020, we got introduced to yield farming and the variety of ways to utilize DeFi’s money markets. Notably, there is no means to know for sure which crypto trend would drive crypto in 2021. The key takeaway from this is that we are yet to scratch the surface of the possibilities embedded in crypto and blockchain technology, even 11 years after the famous introduction of Bitcoin.

It is remarkable how every quality project or token created by well-meaning developers expands the functionalities of cryptocurrency in such a way that it is almost impossible to box the growth potential of the technology. Right now, we have over 6,000 cryptocurrencies with a combined market capitalization worth around $950 billion. And considering the innovative capacity of the crypto community, it is safe to say that this figure would surge in the next 12 months. However, I expect many of the viable projects launched in the closing months of 2020 to impact the proceedings of 2021 significantly. 

One such project is CFX Quantum, a crypto infrastructure-based ecosystem looking to deliver functioning investments and infrastructures to investors.

CFX Quantum launched in the last quarter of 2020 with the sole aim of providing opportunities with the barest minimum risks. CFX Quantum is utilizing pre-quantum technology developed by Fujitsu Corp. to cope with the fast-paced crypto market. The platform’s native token, CFXQ, is already live on seven exchanges, including Digifinex, LaToken, P2pb2b, Whitebit, XT, Coinsbit, and the CFX Exchange. I reached out to the CEO to discuss what they have planned for 2021. Below is an excerpt from the interview I had with Marco Mottana, CEO of CFX Quantum.

Edward Moon: What is your verdict on the crypto performance of 2020? Did it meet up with your expectations?

Marco Mottana: (Laughs) it is rare to find a crypto proponent unimpressed with the way 2020 panned out. Remarkably, crypto weathered an unrelenting pandemic to become the best performing asset class in the world. Away from price performance, the level of institutional involvements and mainstream acceptance was unprecedented. The explosive adoption recorded last year is in line with the core goals of CFX Quantum, and we are happy that we played our part.

Edward Moon: Does it bother you that the current crypto price frenzy distracts the attention of new investors away from the real functionalities of digital assets?

Marco Mottana: Well, it is impossible to ignore the speculative side of the crypto market. Over the years, speculation emerged as the core selling point of the crypto market. People tend to fixate on the price more than they focus on the utility of a digital asset. Although this seems detrimental at first, the applications of cryptocurrencies always win at the end of the day. Although speculation drives a multitude into the crypto industry, it is functionality that keeps them. We witnessed this in 2018 at the height of the last bear cycle.

Edward Moon: What are the varieties of strategies or crypto opportunities available to participants in 2021? And which is your favorite?

Marco Mottana: Staking is still very much a trend. The same applies to trading, mining, and long-term crypto savings. In 2020, yield farming came to the limelight, and again informed investors accessed another avenue to generate high yields. However, as you would have noticed from the workings of CFX quantum, I am leaning more towards arbitrage trading combined with what we call cold staking. When you optimize these strategies with advanced computing techniques, it is possible to generate consistent revenue with little or no risk.

Edward Moon: Don’t you think that investors naturally gravitate towards highly profitable investments? What made you and your team believe that the 1% monthly return of ZEROONE will attract a strong following?

Marco Mottana: Not everyone is receptive to the complexities and risks of DeFi money markets. From what I have learned in my 32 years in the financial landscape, the most successful products are often those with a simple and consistent framework. Our product is easy to digest because it encapsulates recurring price anomalies peculiar to the crypto market. All we did was adopt a high-frequency trading machine to improve the efficiency of our arbitrage operations and eliminate the risk involved. Cryptocurrency and its associated opportunities have a higher chance of appealing to the masses only if we manage to contain the risks and simplify the process involved as we have done. 

Edward Moon: How do you rate the progress achieved in 2020?

Marco Mottana: As anticipated, we have managed to attract the right audience. In just a matter of months, we have built a thriving community of investors and crypto proponents. This achievement has had a direct impact on the success of our offerings. CFX wallet-exchange is slowly emerging as a disruptive addition to the crypto gateway sector. Besides, we have achieved a balance between blockchain and quantum technology. Hence, we have successfully developed a multi-crypto exchange price discovery machine with zero risks. These milestones are indicative of our commitment to the safety and profitability of our community of users, and we plan on working our socks off in 2021 to deliver even more.

Edward Moon: Tell us about the performance of CFXQ token so far?

Marco Mottana: Before we launched the CFXQ token, it was clear that our ecosystem needed an economic anchor that holds all the moving parts together. We wanted our users to access CFX Quantum’s suite of services instantly anywhere in the world. The token can be used to pay fees on our wallet-exchange and to participate in special promotions. Also, we set a lock-up period for early investors to eliminate the risks of experiencing a price dump. As a result of these utilities and safety precautions, CFXQ has had a commendable run in the crypto market. At some point, it rose to $0.84, which was a 40% surge from the initial price. As the CFX Quantum ecosystem gains more traction in 2021, we expect the price of CFXQ token to follow a similar uptrend.

Edward Moon: I read that CFXQ has already listed on 7 exchanges. Did this feat have an impact on the performance of the token?

Marco Mottana: As a team experienced both in the traditional and crypto finance terrain, we understand that liquidity plays a vital role in the success of crypto assets. Hence, we moved to onboard CFXQ on popular exchanges. At the moment, you can buy or trade the token on Digifinex, Latoken, P2pb2b, Whitebit, XT, Coinsbit, and the CFX Exchange. It is vital to expand the options available to intending and existing CFXQ holders. To this end, we will continue to capitalize on opportunities to list CFXQ on reputable exchanges.

Edward Moon: What other initiatives have you put in place to ensure that CFXQ maintains an uptrend?

Marco Mottana: In addition to the functionalities of the CFX Quantum platform that give CFXQ its intrinsic value, we will also implement a token buyback and burning program periodically. The project uses 5% of the quarterly revenue to purchase CFXQ tokens and burn them. This initiative is a deflationary approach that ensures the long-term viability of the token.

Edward Moon: What about the CFX Quantum referral system? Why is this integral to the ecosystem?

Marco Mottana: The partnership with ATS Sharing birthed our referral system, which has helped establish a growing network of investors and users. With this system, users can send referral links on social media to receive rewards. And thanks to the success of this program, the CFX Quantum Wallet-Exchange has flourished, and our community has increased exponentially.

Edward Moon: What are the things you and your team have planned for 2021?

Marco Mottana: We will continue to finetune our products to ensure optimal service delivery at all times. Also, expect the launch of new offerings that further simplify the way people engage with the decentralized finance sector to become financially independent.


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