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Hackernoon logoThe Blockchain is Set to Become the Talk of New Delhi by@David

The Blockchain is Set to Become the Talk of New Delhi

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Hacker Noon + World Satoshi Summit

Hacker Noon will serve as a media partner for World Satoshi Summit, Southeast Asia’s Biggest Blockchain Conference. It will be held on May 12th and 13th in JW Marriott Hotel Aerocity, New Delhi. 3,500+ people are expected to attend. The conference’s three themes are: DREAM, DISCUSS, & DECENTRALIZE. It’s the same language of Hacker Noon.

The conference aims “to promote a vision of the world where every community, economy, organization, and country works in a trustless manner, free of corruption and inefficiency caused by human greed and errors, we have initiated a movement that brings everyone under one roof to ideate, discuss and innovate around blockchain and cryptocurrency.”

You can buy a ticket here with discount code “WSSHKN” for 25% off. The conference is also offering group rate discounts for startups, as well as, discounts for female attendees.

World Satoshi Summit has put together a great lineup of speakers:

Full List.

Two top Hacker Noon contributors will be covering the event:

World Satoshi Summit will also feature a Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative and Nova-Stride shark tank style ICO pitches.

Many great startups have earned their early funding at pitch events — and in that way — blockchain and cryptocurrency startups are no different than any other startup. With many top blockchain investors in attendance, I expect a couple companies to get off the ground through Nova-Stride. You can see the companies who have been selected to pitch here.

The Summit’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative is an ambitious plan to re-invest a portion of conference revenue into funding blockchain education for women — here’s their roadmap:

More info @

On days like today, it’s very exciting to have contributors from around the world. Intelligence is distributed with no regards to the borders of states or nations. This event will bring together some of the world’s greatest blockchain minds, and you can read about our upcoming stories at

You can buy a World Satoshi Summit ticket here with discount code “WSSHKN” for 25% off. DREAM, DISCUSS, & DECENTRALIZE.
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