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Hackernoon logoThe best bitcoin Shiller - Hacker Noon Noonies Awards 2019 by@daria

The best bitcoin Shiller - Hacker Noon Noonies Awards 2019

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@dariaDaria Kulish


WINNER - 🥇Anthony Pompliano

2D PLACE -🥈John McAffee (Good Old John)

3RD PLACE - 🥉Jack Dorsey

"The Noonies! Presented by Hacker Noon! In partnership with Stream! It’s time to vote on what matters in tech. Year after year these will serve as the definitive, international and somewhat democratic acknowledgement of all the best and worst people and/or products in technology today." 

—someone overheard CEO David Smooke saying in an All-Hands meeting on Zoom recently 

The best bitcoin Shiller
Tweets move market. Not to be taken as a criticism, influence the market.

John McAffee (Good Old John)

Donald Trump

Mark Zuckenberg (with Libra)

Bryan Kelly (CNBC)

Anthony Pompliano

Jack Dorsey

The Noonies are made possible by Stream. Stream’s simple, powerful APIs for scalable feeds and chat are used by some of the largest and most popular apps. Voting is open from today until August 16th, 2019, and Hacker Noon’s #Noonies award winners will be announced on August 21st, 2019. << VOTE NOW >>


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