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How To Get Windows 10 PRO OEM Keys in Under $12

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@tanveerzafarTanvir Zafar


For years now, Windows 10 has been the standard for laptops and mobile phones running on the Windows platform. While many people prefer to tout the benefits of Windows 10

software such as Windows 7 and 8, Windows 10 provides an amalgamation of both systems in a way that is truly revolutionary.

So, to end the debate, here are a few reasons why Windows 10 is the most complete version of the OS to date.

Windows 10 in big offer

The most prominent significance of Windows 10 is the fact that it is free
of any charges over the course of your computer’s lifetime. Apparently,
Microsoft thought that the best way to make their users upgrade their
operating systems was to make it free. Needless to say, this strategy
worked pretty well.

The HN20 Win Pro OEM key sale price varies depending on where you make your purchase, but the truth is that no matter how much you think you pay, it will still most likely pale in comparison to how much Windows 10 will cost if you have to keep updating.

Win Pro Oem key sale price $11.74 after use code HN20

As things stand, some services provide coupon codes for you to get Windows 10 for cheaper, and you can also get promotions for services, such as a discount on the Office Pro 16 key sale price.

Office Pro 16 key sale price $31.7 after use code HN20

A single core for all devices

Microsoft has always worked on allowing a single operating system to run
everywhere, and Windows 10 is pretty much the realization of that dream. If you have a genuine version of Windows 10, then it can run on a tablet, phone, gaming console, and your computer as well. Microsoft even released a version for it to run on the Internet of Things (IoT).

Thanks to this seamless integration, you can rest assured that your Windows 10 will look pretty much the same everywhere, and as a developer, you will be able to develop apps that work on all devices.

Windows 7 was seen by many as the most preferred platform for developers because of its stability, but the crown jewel itself has now snatched that throne.

Windows as a Service

Essentially, Windows as a Service is the idea of taking away the concept of
versioning and releasing new versions periodically. Instead of a new
version, Windows 10 marked Microsoft’s commitment to only releasing

So, instead of looking out for significant release service packs, Microsoft will design update and release them in patches as soon as they’re tried and tested. So, Windows is now on a consistent evolution pattern.

This also means that as soon as you’re done with installing Windows 10, your device is always up to date.

The return of the Start Menu

Windows 10 pretty much combines all of the excellent features
found in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. So, while the start screen is still
there, there are a few tweaks. In Windows 10, the Start Menu from
Windows 7 was combined with the Start Screen in Windows 8.1.

So, you see the elements from Windows 7 on the left side, including a list
of the most accessed apps on your device, as well as locations like the
Control Panel and the computer’s memory itself.

You also have access to the Power options, and you can check out all the apps available on the device as well.

Then, on the right side, you have the Windows 8 elements. Your Live Tiles are still there, and they show you real-time information as they switch.
You can personalize these tiles and arrange them, and you can convert
them to the full screen as well.


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