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Selected Writings by Me, My Wife & Apple’s Artificial Intelligence.

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I’ve come up with a new game. Maybe others have played before. But in my world, I invented it while on an airplane, and here are the rules:

  1. Open Apple Notes app.
  2. Husband asks wife for one word.
  3. Wife says word.
  4. Husband opens new note and types word.
  5. Then Apple’s AI suggested three words.
  6. Husband chooses one of the three suggested words. Then Apple’s AI suggested 3 more words, and husband chooses word again. This process continues until the short story, or sentence, is deemed “complete.” For more enjoyment, husband should read sentence aloud as he makes word choices. Note: husband/wife role reversals are welcome — this is just how the game was invented.

Now that you understand the game, below are selected writings listed in alphabetical order by me, my wife, and Apple’s artificial intelligence.

If you’d like to play the game, please share your selected writings as a response to this post.


Babies have been too busy for the past few months.


Beauty is the best thing ever and it doesn’t seem to work.


Birthday party today or not?


Colors are cool but it’s not very cool to get the pictures.


Dessert is the only thing that is not very nerdy.


Diarrhea is the worst.


Die hard and I can’t wait.


Dress up for your business trip and get your own car.


Ego can make you feel like you are a great person.


Expectation is the only metric that we could have.


Facade is the only one to pick.


Family is the best thing ever and I’m getting more.


Fart on Twitter.


Feet are not the only metric system


Good morning my baby.


Hotel booked for the next year but I’m still sleeping with my mom.


Is there is.


Italian food is good.


Kiss my baby hand and I can pick you up for a moment.


Less than half of my life has been made up for the last two years.


Mayor says she has been trying to sell the company for her new job.


Medium is the same thing as you.


Midnight memories of my baby.


Mirror selfie with the best player on Facebook.


Mother and daughter are the only ones that I have.


Newton was the only person who would ever have any more important details about the future.


Only the good die young.

“Only” (2nd time w/ different choices)

Only if you like the game but you can’t play.


Poop on Twitter.


Presence of my business is the only thing that I have.

“Puns ”

Puns are my favorite part of the day.


Really want some more stuff.


Run out to get the new job.


Serendipity is the best thing ever.


Singing the same song on the phone with my mom and daughter and mom and daughter are cool.


Skiing with my dad is the best.


Sleepy but I’m getting more excited.


Slow down and I can’t even play.


Socks are on my mind.


Stains from my baby.


Taste like the star spangled and she looks at me.


The best thing about this is how you get to see what your friends do.


Today was the first week to go out with my new car.


Toes are the only ones that are not very good.


Toilet paper is the most beautiful thing ever.


Turn it up!


Wedding cake with my friends and I love it.


Young people who would.

If you’d like to play the game, please share “your” selected writings as a response to this post.


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