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Hackernoon logoParty Video… and What Happens After You Publish w/ Hacker Noon? by@David

Party Video… and What Happens After You Publish w/ Hacker Noon?

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Check out the video from our inaugural Hacker Noon party. And browse the photos too.

What Happens After You Publish with Hacker Noon?

New Hacker Noon contributor Mohit Mamoria had been searching and searching for a home for his tech story. Top tech publication after top tech publication kept rejecting his story. But why? Stories that make complex ideas more accessible are very valuable. You don’t have to be a famous investor or entrepreneur to tell a great story. We published it on Hacker Noon: WTF is The Blockchain? The ultimate 3500-word guide in plain English. In less than a week, it’s garnered 1,000+ recommendation & 33,000+ pageviews. And those top tech publications that rejected it? They’re now asking to republish it. You can now also read this story on The Next Web, trending in 5 LinkedIn Pulse categories, and other tech outlets.

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Promoted Job Opportunity of the Week: Quantcast Staff Software Engineer, Attribution and Ad Reporting

What Should You Read on Hacker Noon this Week?

2 Big Picture Trend Pieces: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, Tokens, ICOs: Why should anyone care? by Software/Systems Engineer Preethi Kasireddy & A Better Path to Decency: Will tech lead the way? by VC Brittany Laughlin

5 Recent How-tos: Ask for an Intro, Build an Http Container, Make Mentoring Work, Find America’s Entrepreneurial Soul, & Build a Box Subscription Site in 1 Day by jordangonen, Vish (Ishaya) Abrams, Poornima Vijayashanker, Faisal Hoque, & Elijah Murray respectively.

1 Guide for How to Talk About the Technology That Will Drive Us: Self-Driving Cars, Explained: A messaging guide for talking about our autonomous car future by Alex Field.

1 Piece Advice on Product Management: It’s A Wonder Some Teams Get Anything Done… Or, why you should visualize ALL work and use Cost of Delay by John Cutler

1 Post that begs the question, ‘Is it Better to Burn Out or Fade Away?’ How I fucked up my startup — life lessons from failing and imploding by Shival Gupta

1 Story About Hackers Hacking for The Sake of I Can: How I got banned from CodeWars by Paul-Armand Assus

I hope you enjoy this roundup of where Hacker Noon sees tech going. We are welcoming new submissions here. Can also message our new Facebook page if you’d like to share what you’d like to read more about, or if you just want to share your general opinions about tech venture capital, or cats.

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

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