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My Journey of Taking CBD Oils for One Month

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Hi there! I’m Michiel and I enjoy exploring new products that can have a possible positive effect on my day to day life. Over the last year, weed has become pretty popular as a legit investment. Besides the weed investment craze, I found another trend sprouting out of this hype, namely the use of CBD — Cannabidiol.

For me, CBD was completely new as I had never heard about it. Some US friends who were interested in nootropics recommended me to research CBD as it can help with increasing your focus, but also pain relief and many other ailments.

My search for focus-stimulating products actually started a while ago. I had been reading a lot about Modafinil. It’s actually a prescription drug, however, you can also find it online. Modafinil is commonly used as a nootropic to increase your focus. 30 to 50 grams of the drug should last you 6 to 8 hours of deeper focus. This sounds great, but it’s a drug which you should not take regularly and has some nasty side effects like headache, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and nausea.

For me personally, the list of side effects was too big and it just didn’t feel right. Instead, I found caffeine pills which help me reach insane focus, but taking 220mg of caffeine in one shot doesn’t feel quite right as well…

So, what happened? I decided to take the leap and order two CBD oil bottles manufactured by Verma Farms, one designed for focus and one for deep sleep. This article will further continue describing my experiences throughout my 30-day journey of taking both CBD oils.

TLDR; If you don’t know what CBD is or what positive health effects it can have, read my previous article about the benefits of CBD, but also the side effects.

My CBD Journey

As the bottle prescribes, the CBD oil should be dripped below your tongue according to the supplier Verma Farms. This way, the CBD oil can be better absorbed by your body as it is able to skip your metabolism. You have to hold the drips below your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing the oil. Luckily, both oils tasted quite good — the focus oil is infused with lemon juice. Let’s explore my CBD journey.

Day 1–7

Starting off the first week, I had mixed expectations as CBD oil is mainly made for pain relief and resolving ailments. However, now and then, I struggle with some occasional back pain from sitting all day. When this happens, I hit the gym to do some back-strengthening exercises. The first thing I noticed using CBD oils this week was that I surprisingly had no back pain issues.

As we were only one week down the experiment, this could be a lucky coincidence. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the oils, however, I haven’t noticed much of the focus effects.

Day 8–14

For this second week, I decided to increase the number of drips from 2 to 4. Besides increasing the number of drips, I also started an intermediary fastening diet which included not eating from 7 PM till 11:30 AM.

I hoped by not eating in the morning, the CBD oil would be absorbed much better and give me the focus I’m looking for.

The first days on my new “plan”, I found myself more motivated in the morning while taking 4 CBD drips. It felt like I was more energised, but it was not sure what caused this effect. I could be the CBD, the diet, or a combination of both.

While talking with my colleagues at work about my CBD intake and new diet, one of the fitness-minded colleagues pointed out to hit the gym in the morning as that would help me burn much more calories and get more out of the CBD.

What happened was that I started going to the gym every 2 days for a 20–25min run before work. The most noticeable thing I felt after taking the CBD drips before working out was my increased motivation. Normally, I would find myself highly unmotivated and very sleepy, absolutely not ready for a morning workout.

However, things felt different. I was becoming a morning person, and it felt good! I enjoyed this new routine and it even gave me plenty of energy and an increased focus in the morning to get started with work.

CBD helped me become a morning person!

Day 15–22

This third week, I decided to continue the “plan”. Sometimes, I experimented with a different dose like 3/4/5 drops to not fall in a routine and get used to the CBD oil.

I also occasionally took the CBD oil for deeper sleep I had bought during this week. As the bottle recommended, one or two drops before going to bed would do the trick. The only thing I could report is a peaceful rest, which is of course nice.

Day 23–30

The last week has kicked off and I’m feeling good. I continued my CBD plan in combination with regularly working out. The fastening definitely helped me absorbing the CBD oil. Still, I haven’t noticed any back pain and I’m performing well at work.

Conclusion: My experiences taking CBD for one month?

I can conclude that taking CBD can have a big impact on your life. However, like any product, you can’t expect it to drastically change the way you live or want to live. I think the most important takeaway from this experiment is that a healthy lifestyle is needed for reaching a higher focus. Living unhealthy, but trying to increase your focus with other products just won’t work.

Changing to a more healthy lifestyle helped me better experience the effects of CBD.


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