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Landing a Job at Tesla Using Facebook Ads

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Step by step guide how to stand out of the crowd landing a job with Facebook ads

Looking for an alternative way to land a dream job? You came to the right place. I will share my experiment trying to land a job at Tesla with Facebook ads.

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The test was performed during the start of the COVID-19  lockdown. I didn’t perform the test with an intention to land a real job but rather to show how we could use tools like Facebook ads for alternative ways to land a job.

How I came up with this experiment and why in some cases it could work. I’ve always thought that the job industry is only one-sided.  Employers know what positions they need to fill so the process is very simple - you apply for a job on companies’ websites or find job ads on Linkedin or another platform.

What if the employer doesn’t have open positions that suit you?

Do you have to give up?

I thought that there should be other ways how you could approach the future employer.

  1. Write an email to the company or directly to the HR department.
  2. Wait near the office door with a poster in your hands.
  3. Buy a big ad next to their office.

All of these methods are old fashioned and you won’t stand out from the crowd. Or it will cost you a fortune…..

Why use Facebook ads?

  1. You can target a specific location (it’s the only thing you need)
  2. Target by interest or job description (optional)
  3. And you don’t need anything else!

From the logical point of view, using other options like Twitter ads or Linkedin is also ok. I will show you the way to approach your dream employer with Facebook ads and you could adapt it to any other platforms as well. (let me know if you have some interesting findings during your experiment in the comment section)

The Experiment

From here I will guide you step by step what was done during my experiment with one of the most promising companies of these days - Tesla.

Gathering information about the employer

Find headquarters on GoogleMaps so in this case, it’s Tesla headquarters.

Also, I added a place called Tesla design studio where I assume Elon Musk spends most of his time (It’s only my prediction based on some articles and other information found on the web)

Create Facebook page

I created a personal Facebook page. For the Facebook page, you will need your profile photo and a photo for the Facebook cover. You can create one with Canva in minutes.

Create Facebook campaign

Before we start with creating an ad campaign you have to create a Facebook ad account. If you have one, we can proceed further.

Create new ad campaign - The data shown below is exactly as used in the test. You can freely test with a different configuration to get maybe even better results.

Buying type —> Auction

Campaign Objective —> Traffic

A/B Test —> on

Variable —> more than one

    Number of Ad Sets - 2 (based on your case you can add more ad sets)

    Traffic - website

A/B Test Budget & Schedule

I tested with a small amount of 10 EUR (10,79 $), splitting it into two 5 EUR amounts for each ad set


I added places that I googled before, based on a small radius around them. You can go even further and add interest - Tesla + job description.


In this test, I used Facebook and Instagram. Also, I prefer showing ads only on the news feed.


I selected the new Facebook page as I didn’t have a separate Instagram account but you could use the same page for Instagram as well

Create Ad

The photo image was created with Canva. You could also make your video that would present you even better.

Ad copy is the place where you would write all the best stuff about yourself, i.e. how you present yourself to the company.


 In my case, I used my Linkedin profile link to drive traffic directly to my Linkedin profile.


  • 10 EUR (10,79 $) spent
  • 1,667 times the ad was shown
  • 1,306 people using Facebook were reached
  • 2.87% CTR  —> the percentage of times people saw the ad
  • 48 times the ad was clicked on (Click (all))
  • 7.65 Eur was the cost to reach 1,000 people
  • 5.99 Eur - to get 1,000 impressions
  • 18 Unique link clicks were performed


In my opinion, lots of things could be improved and optimized to get even better results.


To filter out people who are associated with Tesla as a company, you should specify an interest of the target audience (in this case Tesla). Also in the interest section, you could add a job position based on what type of position you are looking for.

So test, test …...

In this case, I wanted to help you land your dream job by standing out from the crowd.

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