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How To Optimize Your Calendar to Have More Time

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Everyone has work to do. At the same time, we all have lives to live and people who matter to us. Sadly, not everyone is able to manage them. It’s a real drag when you have to do one thing at the expense of the other.

So, it’s important for you to create a schedule and a life pattern that helps you have the time to manage both. Here are some tips to help you get it done:

Prioritize Your Activities

There’s no way for you to start on the process of building a better schedule if you don’t have a way of improving on the current one.

The phrase says, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” the fact that your schedule isn’t working for you means that there’s something wrong with it. so, you need to find a fix.

The most prominent fix you could make will have to be with your priorities. Take a hard, long look at what matters the most to you and rank them. Let your ranking reasons be honest and from a place of reflection, so as to get a true picture of what is important.

It’s easy to want to rank your family time or your vacations, but you also need to keep work in mind. Avoid the temptation to rank the fun or the work-related stuff first, as that will only drag you down.

All in all, these rankings will play a significant role in forming what your schedule will look like. So, it’s only right that you think about them and what they will entail more carefully.

Some of the activities will fall to the lower section of the list. That is entirely fine. It’s life, and that’s just how things are.

Take Out All Unnecessary Stuff

Now that you’ve gone through a solid ranking, you should take a closer look at the list. Not the top; the bottom. Look at these items and determine whether each really needs to be there or not.

Taking activities out of your priority list won’t be easy. It is especially more challenging if these activities are some of the things you love to do the most. However, you just have to take them out.

If you spend too much time taking care of unimportant activities, you need to let them go. Remember that your work-life balance is important, and not every activity essentially contributes to it.

A lot of us tend to fall into the trap of wanting to be the type of person who does it all. This just isn’t possible. You’re out here committing to everything possible, and it will only leave you burned out and overwhelmed from all the activities. At the end of the day, you’re left unable to attend top everything that you would like to, and you’re feeling lost.

It also doesn’t help that this will only make balancing your life more challenging. So, it’s time to let some of these things go.

Also, if you find that letting go of these activities isn’t easy, you might just want to let them run their course. A lot of these activities have to end at some point. When they do, make it a point not to pick them up again.

You could also try to outsource some of the unnecessary activities. At some point, answering every call and every email becomes overly time-consuming. You have a challenging time seeing why, and you’re left alone.

By outsourcing a time-consuming activity, you have more time to do what you would like. Try to get a capable assistant or some automated service that helps with this and will help relieve you of your stress.

Sometimes, letting go isn’t easy. However, when you consider how much time you will be saving, you will find that this is the best bet in the long run.

Look for Easy Ways to Maximize Your Time

This almost ties into the previous suggestion. Once you’re done with the unnecessary stuff, you also need to optimize your calendar to free up even more time.

Essential, this talks about finding means to maximize your time in such a way that you can maintain your focus on your priorities and stay on top of things.

One of the best ways to do this is through technology. Say you have a meeting with a company that you’re not too familiar with. Instead of looking them up, you could get a tool like Calendar.AI to help out.

With Calendar.AI, you can import your calendar into the tool and schedule meetings with people and companies. The app goes on to pull out all available and relevant business information about the person and company that you’re meeting. So, instead of looking for information about the meeting, you have everything you need at once. Calendar.AI will help with that, while you check out some other priority in your life.

You could even try streamlining your day too. If you have a flexible office arrangement, you could make an alternative schedule that helps you work around traffic and get more work done. For instance, you could leave home earlier to beat rush-hour traffic and get to work even earlier. You get to begin your day early and get way more work done this way.

If you take any form of public transportation to work, then try to get as much work done while on the commute as possible.

The entire point of this is to ensure that you can get in as many activities — even while doing the most mundane things. You don’t want to spend way too much time on irrelevancies that are out of your control.

Calendar.AI is available on iOS and Android


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