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Harmony OS: What We Learned From the Huawei Developer Conference

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@kemalkaratasKemal Karataş

I have been tech support sector more than ten years. I learnt mac os,windows and android platform.

I watched almost all the vital presentations because I wonder who can challenge the American tech companies like Microsoft, Google, etc.

When Samsung tried Tizen system, I asked ıf Samsung could end this era?

It was an unfortunate try. And then Huawei announced a developer conference. So everyone might think what's happening?

Harmony OS was announced with technical comprehension in Linux/Unix and Android.

If you look from the perspective of politics, there's an unknown period between China and America. So Android might end the support at the end of the August. There's a detail to review:'' We can send the system anytime ıf it's inevitable''.

Let's take a look at the History of the company. China wasn't producing anything and import communication technology from Hong Kong. Huawei founded for this reason in 1987. As we are talking about this challenge, it seems like a miracle.

Why should you develop an application for the Harmony OS?

If you are a developer, you should prepare an alternative version for every platform like a smartwatch, tablet, and notebook. It's going to take too much time, an extraordinary workforce.

You're going to produce a version and then it is going to compile for every smart device: smartphone, handset, tablet, notebook. Etc.

Ark Compiler is going to combine all the application details. So, there won't be compatibility issues. The presentation's the beginning. ıf Huawei gets the developers' support, and the operating system can change the ecosystem. The test period has initiated with different devices. There will be lots of productivity with this challenge.

Harmony OS has MicroKernel and ExternalKernel. If you know the root password, Linux/Unix system can be vulnerable. There's an IDE interface at the top of the system. And anyone might use C, C++, Java, JS, Kotlin to prepare a version of the application. Furthermore, the system is going to compile the application.

Payment method is an essential issue for the developers and consumers. Apple has an excellent payment method, but the company took too much profit from the developers, and then the developers left the play store. What about Huawei? We'll wait and see this issue.

We need a competitor to Google and Apple.

And if Huawei can challenge and create a productive ecosystem would be better for the consumers and developers.


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