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Hackernoon logoOvercoming Imposter Syndrome in the Technology Industry by@pat

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in the Technology Industry

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@patPatrick Murray

Hacker Noon Non-Technical Founder Podcast- Episode 53 Zack Hurley

Episode 54 of the Hacker Noon Podcast: An interview with Zack Hurley Co-Founder and CEO of Indie Source, entrepreneur with experience working with private and public sector organizations in the fields of business consulting for sales and marketing strategy, operational logistics. 

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In this episode Patrick Murray interviews Zack Hurley from Indie Source. You get to discover what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, and how to overcome the imposter syndrome while building new business.

“Living the 4 hour work week was mind blowing to me”. 

“I finally understood that you don't need to spend 10 or 20 years in a corporation to be an entrepreneur and starting your own thing. It just flipped everything that I knew about what I had to do on its head. I don't have to wait”. —Zack Hurley

Production and music by Derek Bernard -

Host: Patrick Murray 

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