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Hacker Noon Awards: 2019 Noonies Winners Announced

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The Noonies—the tech industry's greenest awards; built by Hacker Noon in partnership with Stream—was conceptualized to recognize the best and worst peoples and products of the internets, in 2019 and beyond.
With over 55,000 votes castfor 457 Noonies nomineesacross 50 awards categories, we're extremely excited to announce the winners of these prestigious awards - only two of which were compromised by inauthentic voting behaviour! 
"The Noonies! Much thanks to the community for taking the time to cast 50k+ votes, determining the Hacker Noon award winners," said David Smooke. "It was fun. Great to see the community make their cases for their favorite Noonie nominees. Overall, we're also excited that we got our feet wet in custom voting technology. We look forward to contributing more to how the internet curates, ranks and distributes content."

And the 2019 Noonies Winners Are...


Product Manager of the Year

🥇Vindhya C

Best Tech News Source



The World's Most Productive Remote Team



Best Use of Tech for Good

🥇DADI FOUNDATION - harnessing tech to empower the most marginalised, ensuring fair access to technology and supporting robust and inclusive democracies

🥈UPEFFECT - improving access to funding for entrepreneurs on the right side of history
🥉MORELIFE - (where more = better well-being + extended life)

The Bait & Switch Award

🥇Medium's Paywall

🥈Facebook's Libra
🥉Apple's Butterfly Switch Keyboards

Most Exciting Startup [ Votes Hacked ]

🥇PASSBASE - seamless, bank-level identity verification integration into your website, app, or checkout with just a few lines of code

🥈LOOXIE - lets you request photos from specific locations: just drop a pin on the map or search for a point of interest
🥉CARBON - buying cryptocurrency has never been this easy

Hacker of the Year



Contributing Writer of the Year

🥇Patrick Lee Scott

Technology Writer of the Year

🥇Ashan Fernando

AI Writer of the Year

🥇Adrien Book

Most Over-Hyped Technology



Cybersecurity Writer of the Year

🥇Han Yoon

Best AMA (ask-me-anything) award

🥇Carlos Domingo

Social Network of the Year [ Votes Hacked ]


🥉Narrative - The World's Journal

Most Valuable Chatbot Framework

🥇Chatbots by PubNub


2 or 3 Under 20-ish Awards

🥇Sergio Mattei, founder of Makerlog

White Hat of the Year

🥇Alice Henshaw

60 Over 60 Awards

🥇Tim Berners-Lee

VC Twitter's MVP


Most Hardcore Bitcoin Maximalist

🥇Pierre Rochard

🥉Francis Pouliot

Most crypto-friendly Jurisdiction Award


🥈The Zug, Switzerland

Crypto-Name Drop of the Year

🥇Silicon Valley's story arc

🥈Eminem's Kamikaze Album
🥉Forbes' coverage of Bitcoin

Second-Best Crypto Publication on Earth

🥇John McAfee's Twitter Feed


Crypto-Buzzword of the Year

🥇Bitcoin Maximalist


Defining Crypto-Moment of the Year

🥇Facebook Announces Libra

🥈Binance gets Hacked
🥉Crypto-Exchanges start conducting 10+ IEOs daily

Crypto-Dud of the Year



The All-About-PR Award



Best Blockchain Award



Blockchain of the Year Award



The best crypto magazine


Best crypto analysts

🥇Plan B


The Zero Factor Authentication Award for Achievement un Security



Best Crypto Rap Song

🥇Bitcoin Rap Gucci Gang - HODL Gang

The best bitcoin Shiller

🥇Anthony Pompliano

The Cutest Crypto Kitty



The Best White Paper



Most Mind-blowing Bitcoin Story

🥇Bitcoin’s Biggest Hack In History: 184.4 Billion Bitcoin from Thin Air; Satoshi Hard Forks, Saves Bitcoin," by Charlie Shrem

#CryptoTwitter's MVP



Developer Tool Buzz of Year


🥈React Hooks

CMS You Can't Live Without



Personal Developer Blog of the Year


Best Developer on Twitter


Best JAMstack


🥈Serverless Framework

Best Dev Podcast

🥇The Bike Shed

Top Dev Teacher

🥇Wes Bos

Best Open Source Project

🥇VS Code


Best Dev Community



Best Open Startup



Most Promising Fintech



Thank YOU to all the Hacker Noon community members who took part in Hacker Noon's first annual awards—the Noonies 2019.

With a special shoutout to our awesome sponsor, Stream.io. Stream builds scalable feeds, activity streams & chat; and their simple, powerful APIs are used by some of the largest and most popular apps.
We're looking forward to an even bigger and better Noonies next year.
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The Hacker Noon Editorial Team 🔏


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