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Creating a Branch Process in Oracle Apex

In Oracle Apex, we create a Branch Process to open another page after submitting the current page. Because a Branch process executes on the page submit.

Using the Branch Process in Oracle Apex, you can open a dialog page or a normal page. But you may have a question that why we need to open a page using the Branch Process? We can do it on a button click by linking it to a target page in the current application or another application. Right?

But suppose, on the current page, the user has entered or changed the data of some page items, and you need to pass these page items to another page.

Now, if you will create a button to open another page and will try to pass these page items, whose values already have changed, then the target page will not see these changed values.

To take effect of these page items, you need to submit the page. And for this situation, you should create a Branch Process so that page items can submit, and the new values can be transmitted to the target page.

Another need to create a Branch Process in Oracle Apex is, to redirect the page to another page after the page submit.

I think now you are clear why we need to create a Branch Process in Oracle Apex. Follow these simple steps to create the Branch Process:

Creating a Branch Process in Oracle Apex

Open your page in Oracle Apex in which you want to open another page on page submit.

Then click on the Process tab, and do the right-click on the After Processing node and select option Create Branch from the shortcut menu.

Now define the Branch Process name and the target page information, as shown in the below image:

It is done now. Save the changes and run the page to test.


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