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Abstract + Flawless App Introduction

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@valiaValia Havryliuk

Growth marketer, junior designer, startup lover.

Hello to all designers here!

I’m Valia, maker and junior designer. I was very lucky to land my first job in a tech startup — Flawless App 2 years ago. With a huge motivation and amazing support, I made a step into the design and product marketing, taking part in delivering real products. I was employee #1 at Flawless App.

Together we launched several Mac applications, among which is Flawless App, a tool to compare the expected design with the real app. We made Reduce for compressing huge Sketch files and Flawless Feedback for commenting on real-life iOS apps.

Also, we invested so much love and time into community-driven initiatives. Our Medium blog, Flawless iOS, gave a chance to more than 200 developers to share their knowledge with the community! Our open-source collection of Awesome Design Tools, plugins, UIKits, helped thousands of people empower their workflows! And Design Tools Weekly, an email-based course, kept cultivating design knowledge among the tech community.

I believe, that with our small team of 5, we made a lot of amazing things.

And today I’m proud to announce that we’re joining Abstract!

Abstract is a design delivery platform that brings visibility, accountability, measurability, and predictability to design. Like us, Abstract believes in bringing design and development closer together to each other.

This decision was very organic for both companies.

To say even more, all ex-Flawless team (including me) are very excited and happy to join our new home. We had many thoughtful conversations with the Abstract team and saw a complete alignment in our visions on how design and development should look like. While being a first employee of Flawless App, I treat our startup like my own and I see how beneficial this decision is.

Abstract acquires Flawless App to focus on SDK and dev resources

Our team has joined Abstract and is focused on building out the Abstract SDK, related extensions, and support both the developer experience within Abstract and the developer community more broadly.

And a big hug to Lisa Dziuba & Ahmed Sulaiman for all their support and trust. You’re my endless source of inspiration 💗️

And many thanks to the Flawless dream team, this couldn’t have happened without all of you!


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