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9 Tips to Write a Business Proposal Like a Pro

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@sarathcp92Sarath C P

Digital Strategist and Consultant, Growth Hacking Specialist worked for both startups & big brands.

A business proposal is a written document, which helps you to evaluate the feasibility of any new business idea. A great business proposal gives confidence to your customers in your services and capabilities and it is another excellent way to win new projects or sales to your business.

But bringing your prospective client on board by selling a business on paper is not that easy. So, here are some of the tips for writing a great business proposal like a pro.

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Comfortable Writing Zone

The most challenging part of writing a proposal is the lack of interest or not feeling comfortable, and this is why writing off the business proposal often crosses the deadline, and if you try to rush up to meet up the deadlines, you might come up with a business proposal, which could be the least representative.

Writing a business proposal is an art of learning a skill. If you get succeeded to expertise in the proposal writing, you can attract new business and win many contracts.

But if you do not like writing the proposals or do not have an interest in writing, then it is better to hire a professional who can help to create a great business proposal then along with the help of a copywriter to achieve a win-win situation.

Take out time to plan your proposal

Do you want your written document or a business proposal to make it stand out in front of the competitors?

If so, do not leave it for the last moment, instead, create a proper plan and write about all the essential elements of your business proposal in advance. As an example, you can start by writing your biography, terms and conditions, background and the pricing details of your company. This information is a significant part of the business description and can lure the client.

Mention your Unique Selling Point

The writers should make their proposals audience-centric so that the readers can find it engaging. The business proposal must mention the solutions to the problems that your product or the services can resolve. Also, describe the unique selling point of your business to attract the client. The chances of winning new contracts increases if clients find your USP beneficial to them.

Pro tip: Do not forget to mention recommendations and suggestions.

Content Must Relate to the Client’s Prospect

The content is the heart of any business proposal. The content must relate everything to the client’s prospect. You should avoid the useless and ineffective content. But if during a conversation, your client has mentioned something also, regardless of the prospect or the theme, then you can even include that part in the appendix. It is a great way to impress your client with your bright vision, clear concepts and ability to understand and meet the client’s demands.

As an example, if your client has asked to revamp their web content during the conversation but the major contract is intended for telemarketing. Now, in this situation, the best move you can make is to consider the web content as a particular portion of your business proposal.

Business Proposal Length

When it comes to the proposal writing than you require to strike the right balance between the complete description (content) and the length of your business proposal. You have to be very tricky and careful while writing a business proposal. The most challenging part of writing a business proposal is demonstrating the full concept and the client’s information and requirements whereby keeping the length of the proposal concise and clear and engaging.

Pro tip: Do not forget to put an executive summary of about two pages at the beginning.


Do you want to write the best business proposals? If so, avoid the jargons or too technical content. Try to keep your business proposal simple with precise and intact including every insight, so that people can quickly grasp whatever you want to propose to them. For being a more definite and well-defined business proposal, you can get a review by a proofreader to ensure that everything is written in plain English.

Avoid small mistakes

Make sure that your business proposal is well laid out and adequately signed so that it can help the reader negotiating with the document. Also, the grammar and spellings should also be absolute. Don’t create an image of a sloppy writer by making small mistakes like avoiding certain errors like forgetting a semicolon. You never know how sophisticated your client could be, so getting your basics right is a primary requirement of an error-free business proposal.

Add Testimonials

When you add up client’s quotes in your business proposal, you can efficiently come up with the competitive marketing trends and most excellent business proposals.

A testimonial can give best results by extolling the virtue of a product. It also increases the business selling value and third-party endorsement.

Call to action

The most significant opportunity you can have and go forward in the business relationship is to sign a contract. And for this, you need to give proper time and attention to detail for writing the best business proposal. Take a proactive call to action after delivering your business proposal, asserting that you need to have a face to face conversation to discuss the next step.

Pro tip: The most significant way to carry forward the deal in a positive direction is to address the next move with the client, featuring the business proposal and building a strong foundation for a successful business and long-term business relationship.

By putting the above tips into place, you can also write the best business proposal. Always remember to understand your customer needs and requirements primarily and then begin to lay the groundwork for the business proposal. For more convenience, hire a professional, identify the best decision makers and the writers to outline the scope of the project efficiently.

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@sarathcp92Sarath C P

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Digital Strategist and Consultant, Growth Hacking Specialist worked for both startups & big brands.


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