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45 Trending Technology Articles of the Last 15 Days

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TRENDING and TECH go hand in hand. People are always looking for something better. Makers are always looking for the next person. And investors are speculating, what’s next?

We’d like to share what our community thinks is trending in tech. Over the last 15 days, we’ve published 45 articles with 80+ recommendations. Below are these trending 45 articles in alphabetical order. WARNING: reading this list may make you the smartest person at lunch.

A History and Future of the Rise of the Robots by R. David Dixon Jr.

We’re heading towards the final fulfillment of the Industrial Revolution.

A Map To Modern JavaScript Development (2017) by Santiago de León

Of course you’re not looking for Waldo. You’re looking for 25 random guys and don’t even know what their names are.

Blurred Lines: The Future of UX & UI by David Issa

The future for this “tactical designer” is slowly dying & giving birth to a new archetype that blends strategic with creative — the Narrative Designer.

Building an automated dashboard with Google Sheets (with example) by Nick Boyce

Collect data for each source in its own sheet, using date as the first column. Automate this if possible.

Configuring Android Project — Little Things That Matter by Dmytro Danylyk

When you create a new android project in Android Studio it already comes up with gitignore file, but usually it does not contain all necessary rules.

Configuring Android Project — Version Name & Code by Dmytro Danylyk

No need to modify build.gradle file — versionCode & versionName are generated automatically. You can easily find out from which commit build was made.

Developer’s Edge: How To Become A Senior Developer by Andrei Neagoie

If you have learned to code and are looking for the next step in your career you need to think differently. How are you able to stand out?

Disappearing DriveCo Company by Adam Chalmers

I crunched on cereal and crunched the numbers. Thomas hadn’t noticed 89% of DriveCo’s female engineering force disappearing over the year?

Farming and Its Tech Future (aka make farming great again) by Seyi Fabode

Amy convinced her family to invest in a combination of hardware and software that, combined, has become known as precision farming.

58% of high-performance employees say they need more quiet work spaces by William Belk

Our open industrial spaces are frustrating our best people and likely impacting our end products.

Five Skills Self-Driving Companies Need by Caleb Kirksey

The biggest asset you can acquire is a relentless curiosity and strong self-discipline for solving hard problems.

Future of Web Development: Coding as a Service by Matthew Biggins

In the near term CaaS will affect programmers who complete relatively simple or scripted tasks, like querying databases for example.

Getting Started with React Navigation, the Navigation Solution for React Native by Spencer Carli

This solution will replace Navigator, NavigationExperimental, and ex-navigation becoming the new “official” navigation solution.

Good News From the CIA Hacks by alan buzdar

The leaks have been consistent with this mission statement and the CIA’s goal of foreign intelligence.

Good PMs Are Good Writers by Adam Juras

To be clear, a good PM should own the hell out of that product/feature. She knows exactly what the message to be conveyed should be.

How I’m learning “Machine Learning” by harpermaddox

The math is intimidating, but once you understand it at a high level, its just importing the data and running a few functions in Matlab.

How NOT to design Netflix in your 45-minute System Design Interview? by Fahim ul Haq

You don’t want to spend time discussing how can you slash 20 milliseconds from the response time by avoiding a buffer copy.

How to Get Stakeholders to Buy Into User Research by Sarah Doody

Minimum Viable Research: A 4-step framework to get executives, clients, stakeholders, and colleagues on board with user research.

How working at a Startup in Bangalore screwed me emotionally by Vini

The constant nagging of the higher management continued. Every employee had to work late and but then they got fired under pretext of Cultural fitness.

Hot reload all the things! by Martin Haagensli

How to use Webpack to achieve Hot Module Replacement on the back and front-end for a more productive development environment.

I succeeded by following the path of least resistance by Duncan Riach

Some people say, “follow your bliss.” I always found this to be grating and irritating.

Learning AI if You Suck at Math — P5 — Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Nets in Plain English! by Daniel Jeffries

Instead of you having to figure out all the steps, you can let the machine extract the key features of a cat automatically.

Learning React Native: where to start by Lorenzo Sciandra

It is reaching right now (v0.42), a level of maturity high enough to be considered production ready (some examples? Tesla, Airbnb and Skype).

Lessons I Learnt From Facebook CPO, Chris Cox by Stephen Amaza

Dashboards, according, to Chris are one of the must-haves for any startup. It helps makes sense of data and user behaviour.

log(x) vs ln(x) — The curse of scientific computing by Kamil Tamiola

Scientific computing and high impact factor journals are plagued with misuse and confusion between log(x) with ln(x)!

React Native’s new FlatList component by Kevin Cooper

How to migrate from ListView (soon to be deprecated), and how to try it in your own app without building React Native from source.

RESTful API design with Node.js by Adnan Rahić

This tutorial will walk you through the basics of API design, teaching you how to set up the backbone of a REST API and how to structure your code.

Routing in React, the uncomplicated way by David Gilbertson

Very simple routing without all the extra stuff.

Schroedinger’s cat: how we are obscuring people’s potential in organisations by Lisa Gill

Use alternative tools to liberate people’s potential — I believe most managers don’t realise how smart people in their organisations are.

Six Technology Trends That Aren’t AI, Blockchain or VR. by Seyi Fabode

I have to confess that I’m starting to get tired of these technologies sucking all the air and taking the shine from a lot of other cool technology. by Yvo Schaap

I love visualisations of data. It provides a quick overview at first glance, but also a deeper meaning between relations when zoomed in.

Ten React Mini-Patterns by David Gilbertson

If you have a screaming child on your flight, close your eyes and pretend you’re watching a video on YouTube of goats that sound like humans.

Tools for Radicals by Justin Falcone

Web development is harder than it used to be and probably harder than it needs to be.

Ultimate Guide to Voice Assistants by Ben Tossell

It will come as no surprise to those of you reading this (thanks!), that the interest and applications of ‘Voice-Assistants’ is growing rapidly.

Unexpected Learnings from the CIA Leak by Joan Gamell

It’s amusing to see how, after all, under all the layers of secrecy and mystery we are all engineers facing similar challenges and using the same tools.

Up to Speed on Deep Learning: March Update by Requests for Startups

Sharing some of the latest research, announcements, and resources on deep learning.

/usr/bin/time: not the command you think you know by Alistair Roche

Open up a terminal. Run ‘type time’. You’ll be told that “time is a shell keyword.”

Visual Studio Code: the editor I didn’t think I needed by Hugo Di Francesco

It’s cross-platform, free and open-source. It brings back features that get average use in a well-packaged, well-thought format.

Why Companies like Lyft, Uber, Postmates, Instacart etc Will Never Be Profitable by Seyi Fabode

The constraint is that the broker model, even with new technology, is not value additive.

Why do programmers wear headphones? For the same reason that you can’t juggle. by Andrew Lucker

Some call it eliminating distractions. Some call it flow. Tuning out of your immediate surroundings has been shown to…

Why Google’s Answer to AWS Reserved Instances is a Big Deal by Tino Tereshkotinot

As Eric Schmidt has said, Google’s poured $30 billion dollars over the past three years on this bonfire, and it shows. In the end, users win!

Why Ring, Not Amazon Echo, Is The Killer IoT Product. by Seyi Fabode

Ring did not attempt to change how we currently behave. The failure of most other IoT businesses is that they try to change how we behave…

Your team doesn’t work for you. You work for them. by Farhan Thawar

Your org chart is upside-down. Flip it.

Don’t be a person who has become a tool of their tools. Whether it be for your job, your home, your business, or your pleasure — learn from these technology trends to better your own purpose.

Until next time — don’t take the realities of the world for granted,

David Smooke, Hacker Noon

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